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Kit Content

  • Contemplation Video
  • Reflection
  • Contemplation Video
  • Reflection
  • Contemplation Video
  • Reflection

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Get ready for a four part awareness altering inner journey that lets you slow down and flow thoughtfully through video, surprising concepts and revealing questions. It’s a place where you can reflect and penetrate beyond the assumptions that hide the purpose and direction of nature’s goal for human life. Following each video you’ll move through a process of reflection to get you below the surface and aim your focus on what you’re really experiencing. Do it at your own pace one part at a time or all at one sitting and you can always return to it when you need to deepen your connection to life.

Who Is This Kit For

This kit is aimed at all people who wish to make sense of life

Tony Kosinec

Hundreds of thousands have been sparked by Tony’s inspired-by-Kabbalah webcast — “Perceiving Reality” and interactive FAQ site “Question Your Reality.” A writer and film composer by profession, Tony collaborated in the development of KabU’s first online education course.

Student Feedback

The Meaning of Life Contemplation Kit is like a gym for my thoughts. Once I get locked into the spiritual perspective laid out in this kit, I feel a new wave of meaning and joy enter my life, and it gives me the strength to get the most out of every day.

Teddie Lensing

Even though I took other courses at KabU, I truly appreciated the more laid-back vibe of this kit by Tony Kosinec. Every video helps to slow down the pace of life outside, and give your mind and heart time to contemplate on what is truly meaningful and important in life.

Lucian Lucia
N.Carolina, USA

I spent every second watching this Meaning of Life Contemplation Kit with a smile on my face. The questions posed throughout the videos make you really stop and think. The second time I watched it, I liked to pause on the questions, think of my own answers to them, and then unpause to hear what Tony Kosinec had to say about it. It is a very interesting experience to check what you think about topics as deep as the meaning of life with the Kabbalistic view on these topics. I wouldn’t even go as far as saying it’s a mind-bender, but more like a mind-changer!

Natalie Kulgavin
Pennsylvania, USA

There’s nothing like kicking back on a Sunday morning with a cup of tea and The Meaning of Life Contemplation Kit playing on the computer. I feel like it helps connect the wires in my brain to those in nature, and open my heart out more to other people. I take the ideas that flow around in this kit into my daily life, and find myself much happier simply for the fact that I see the bigger reason enter into everything I do, everything happening around me, and life in general. Thank you, Tony Kosinec and KabU, for making such a wonderful addition to my life.

Efrain Elgasi
Montreal, Canada