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Course Content

  • Video Lesson
  • Discussion: Why Don’t We Agree?
  • Video Lesson
  • Discussion: Do you identify the effects?
  • Video Lesson
  • Creative Challenge Impressions
  • Video Lesson
  • Exercise: Guess—What Is the One Word?
  • Video Lesson
  • Discussion: Why Isn’t This Happening in the Workplace?
  • Video Lesson
  • Exercise: What are the Results?
  • Video Lesson
  • Video Lesson
  • Exercise: What Is the Perfect Mix?
  • Video Lesson
  • Exercise: What Learning Environment Would You Create?
  • Video Lesson
  • Share: What Have You Learned So Far?
  • Video Lesson
  • Course Reflection

This Course Includes



In this course, you will learn why so many happiness and success methods are short-lived, and the true secret to gaining long-lasting happiness and success in your life. You will learn the true relationship between wealth, giving and happiness, as well as the benefits of human connection and the immense potential it has in any field you can think of. You will see how your wiring for connection is related to your physical and emotional well being, and how you can harness the impact it has on your happiness, success, creativity, productivity, learning habits and more. You will also learn how you can come up with breakthrough creativity, and how it has everything to do with positive social relations. You will gain insights into how success depends on connecting the dots between connection, happiness and productivity, and tools to arm yourself in the war for your happiness and success that is waged on your every living moment. You will gain tools to learn more, better, and faster, and also find how to make conscious choices by learning how to reason with the flight-or-flight mechanism. All this and much more is packaged into this must-experience course for sparking a whole new level of happiness and success in your life.

Who Is This Course For

This course is aimed at anybody wishing to experience more happiness and success in their lives, work, relationships, family, and in society at large.


Gil Shir

Gil Shir is a KabU instructor and KabU managing director.

Tal Mandelbaum

Tal Mandelbaum is a social psychologist with a background in political science and international relations. She is a television presenter, and a mother of two.

Mutlu Meydan

Mutlu Meydan is a KabU instructor.

Joseph Ohayon

Joseph Ohayon is a KabU instructor, KabU creative director, filmmaker, writer and speaker based in Israel and New York, is best known for his relentless quest to put pieces together and look at the big picture. Joseph directs, writes, and hosts documentaries and talk shows on Israeli and US television, and also lectures on the need to adapt to an increasingly interdependent world. He is also the host of the podcast The Great Transition, with Seth Breitman.

Student Feedback

Teddie Lensing

Life is a journey like no other. I feel like I’ve been blessed, although life does have its ups and downs. Before finding this wisdom, I felt that although I wanted to be happy, something was missing. Also, since childhood, I have tried countless ways to get the most out of life. Now that I’ve found the essence of happiness and success, I know that it’s just a matter of “clicking” into it. And the environment of like-minded seekers in KabU goes hand-in-hand with this course’s wisdom, a place where the means of happiness and success can be practised on a moment-by-moment basis. Thank you.

Teddie Lensing

Lucian Lucia

I always felt that I was missing something in my life. No matter how much we achieve in life, we are always left wanting something “more” or “different” to what we get. This course is different from other happiness courses I’ve taken purely for the fact that it emphasizes the social connectivity aspect of it more than others, and gives practical tools for its implementation. As a team leader, I also find several of the tools handy when working with teams.

Lucian Lucia
N.Carolina, USA

Natalie Kulgavin

Once I started applying the principles in this course into my life, I can safely say that I have a daily increase in my personal happiness and success. It’s not that I don’t get off days or my problems are all solved, but I have become able to connect the dots between what’s going on in my life, and also access a wonderfully supportive group that aids me through everything I go through.

Natalie Kulgavin
Pennsylvania, USA

Efrain Elgasi

It’s not just what I learned in this course, but I came into the course with quite an individualistic picture of life—and I realized just how individualistic it was over the course of the lessons—and I left the course with a vision and a feeling of being connected to billions of others out there in the world, and that my connection to them is what ultimately determines my happiness, and nothing else. It’s so important to rise above these surface survival instincts we have and to reach a much fuller perception of our lives through our social connections. I’m very thankful for everything coming out of KabU!

Efrain Elgasi
Montreal, Canada