Enter the Zohar

The Zohar, often cited by Kabbalists as “The Book,” is the most renowned of all Kabbalistic texts. What you might already know about The Zohar is that it is a collection of commentaries on the Torah, that it was written a long time ago, and that it is shrouded in mystery.

What you likely don’t know about The Zohar is how to actually enter it: how to approach it in a precise, methodical manner, which will let you clearly sense the world The Zohar speaks about: not an imaginary, fantasy-like world of stories and legends, nor an historical world of the past, but an inner world of forces and qualities, hidden from your current level of perception.

Authentic Kabbalah practitioners over the centuries have used The Zohar as a practical guide to internal actions they perform in order to discover deeper, higher states of perception and sensation. 

The most renowned Kabbalist of the 20th century, Baal HaSulam (Kabbalist Yehuda Ashlag), who received the name “Baal HaSulam” (“Master of the Ladder”) because of his monumental Sulam (“Ladder”) commentary on The Book of Zohar, invested a lot of his teaching and written materials to guide people on how to approach and prepare themselves to read The Zohar

Without the correct preparation and understanding of the way to approach The Zohar, its reading results in little-to-no spiritual benefit. In order to truly reap the spiritual benefit that The Zohar was written for, a person needs to have proper guidance by a Kabbalist.

The Biggest Secret of the Zohar

You’ve probably heard different stories about The Zohar, that it’s only to be studied after the age of 40, that it can drive you crazy, that you don’t even need to read it but that it’s enough to just run your finger over it…

All these stories stem from people who haven’t attained what The Zohar truly speaks about. 

That is the biggest secret of The Zohar: that it’s only secretive to the extent that it’s unattained. 

In order to attain The Zohar, there is a necessary prerequisite: you need to first study the wisdom of Kabbalah. 


It’s because the wisdom of Kabbalah contains the code, the key for attaining what’s in The Zohar

Then, after attaining what’s in The Zohar, you’ll see that there are no secrets, but guidance for how to manage yourself in this singular, whole system that is constantly developing you.

The word “Zohar” means “higher radiance” (“Zeira Ilaa“). When you develop the correct approach to The Zohar through the wisdom of Kabbalah, you will know how to make way for the higher radiance of The Zohar to illuminate in you. 

By continuing your Zohar studies, you’ll then experience a wondrous expansion of your perception and sensation, beyond the boundaries of your five senses. 

You’ll gain access to the upper worlds: an infinitely expansive positive inner space where you’ll receive insights and feelings like never before.

Once you attain the expansive reality that The Zohar speaks about, you will then be able to start using The Zohar as a guidebook on how to navigate your way around that reality.