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Hello to all, and Thank you.  My name is Cinnabra Arrington from Tampa, fl.  Currently going through divore.  I have four children.   Throughout life wondering  who is God and am I from Him.  Christian, Baptist, Pentecostal, speaking  with Jehovah witnesses.  Something about me  was able to see and feel a little something through all.  Final place learning of the Hebrew Israelites.   Sounds very unique.  But i still felt there  was more.  I know our Creator somehow had much more to him. .  Lately  my spiritual journey has licked up tremendously.  I speak it all the time im led by the Spirit  of God.  The kabbalah crossed my atmosphere more then once.  Then when you see the “Zohar” looks like the “Torah” to me.   After just looking into this The tree of life.  Make so much sense people  are gonna  miss their salvation.  Hosea 4:6 this is where the spirit wants me to be its its something here I need.  Breakdown the tree of life i started  looking and saying.   Ok need to reach this level. I have alot going in in the middle.  Oh my something is at the bottom for me not a lot but enough.  Why can i receive this innerstanding spiritually.   But my leaders tell me to stay away from it… please help!!!! 😭😭😭 just writing  this has me in tears!