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Hi! My name is daniel, and i am an artist. However i sometimes cringe when i say that tho because of the stigmas attached to it hehe. Id rather say “im nobody, who are you?” a quote by Emily Dickenson. I’ve been doing acting and modeling the past few years, but now am getting back to the art that scares me the most which is music. When i am on stage it legit feels like i’ve been plugged into an electrical socket, the hairs on my body stand up; even the texture of my skin changes. This feeling used to scare me so much so i tried to find other forms of art instead, hence the acting and modeling. When i am alone, the music heals me in ways i cant even describe and id like to share that with the world one day. Its helped with my sadness, frustrations.. my ups my downs and everything in between. Im very purpose driven, and i believe there must be a reason why i was given this skill, or even the awareness of this intense energy i carry. The music i make is very specific, think bedroom pop with healing frequencies :). Anywho, when it comes to my art, I always feel im on a verge of a breakthrough and honestly idk how i even got here but i am. This pandemic the only information ive been reading about has been about kundalini, buddhism, tantra, tibetan mantras, healing frequencies, the laws of the universe, asanas, esoteric stuff etc. and i feel as if this information can help alot of people, but it needs to be compiled in a way where everyone can understand, like in the form of music. Im looking for more answers. If god created us, who created god? Stuff like that hehe. Anywho have a great day! I hope to become friends 🙂