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Rafael Reina

KabU 210212- Mosean

Your question has no easy answered for me (So have the salt handy 🧂) . Adam wasn’t totally ignorant; he rejects all the animals as companion, so he knew where he come from, he knew the Creator and he knew that had options, and use them when rejecting all animals. When we chose an option, we do blindfolded of the consequences. He decides to follow the woman, to be the first in the mankind. I will call that, responsibility, duty. I used the word “forbidden” previously but wasn’t really forbidden, was more as warned, noticed of one and only one consequence, the spiritual death. Yes, things have no name until we acquire them, but I think that what he acquired, the spiritual death, he didn’t know how was going to be. That’s why I can’t blame him and I should honor and love him, as we should do to our parents. Is hard to explain, why peoples do thing, when we don’t wear the same shoe. He was asked for two opposite duties, create the humanity or remain alone, I will have done the same.
However, there is one thing that I also need to understand, no one take the blame, Adam blame Eve, Eve blame the “serpent” the serpent blame G_d… ???
Kind Regards.