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Rosaleen Canning

Hi my name is Rosaleen and born an R/C and I found the story of Jesus horrific and couldn’t grasp as a child why he didn’t just save himself from that kind of death, I mean there must be a better way to save us than being nailed to a cross.. and all this for me! who would never ask such a thing of any body… So I didn’t think much of God “the father” and felt guilty that I contributed to all this somehow… Then I went to jehova meetings and again didn’t think much of a god who would ask a man (abraham) to sacrifice his hard gotten son an then at the last minute sort of saying naw only jokin there’s a ram in the bushes, lousey or what?… Then moses meets him, jis a guy with a stammer in hiding.. and he instructs him like some sort of field marshal ie how to attack, what to attack and leave no thing alive.. So this is the type of God who’s going to judge me, I’ve no chance I would definitely not like to run into him in a dark alley so to speak, I’ve then looked at books like fingerprints of the gods and found there’s a jesus type story all through the passage of time, and all of the different people everywhere say mostly the same thing as regards creation, and that is that a”god or gods” created them, so here am I now 61 and still trying to find the loving god… I joined born again christians, they were loving enough as long as u weren’t homosexual and if u were then pray about it, so again judgments, came across this on YouTube, and been checking out the live chats and it seems complicated, in the box, out of the box,in reality not even the box at all, been listening to sadhguru, osho love them, hard not to they’re so sweet… so yes I’m very much seeking the “what’s it all about anyway”, sorry its long xx