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Hello to Tony Kosinec, Gil, and all my new family of fellow seekers of unlimited life and peace. I was married 40 years, my wife brought me four beautiful children, three of them still living, and my oldest son gave us three beautiful grandchildren.  In the process I have lost a son, and have been divorced recently.  My God-given desire and profession for 43 years has been to work as an environmental chemist and microbiologist to reverse the adverse toxic effects of industrial scale application of technology. In the 1980’s and 1990’s my wife and I were privileged to hire and “fast-track” several Jewish and non-denominational refugees from the old Soviet Union as well as a Palestinian from Jaffa. It was in the early 90’s I had a crisis in belief of modern science, finding its focus had left God’s intention for mankind as a tool of life beyond mere existence. I began a search after watching Abba Eban’s PBS documentary “Heritage: Civilization and the Jews” and the cinematic version of the Book of Esther “A Night with the King.”  This lead me to book study of Kabbalah via Rebbe David Cooper (“God is a Verb”), Gershom Scholem (“Kabbalah”), Will Parfitt and others.  This in turn lead me to a major breakthrough in the laboratory of ionization/deionization effects, as a reflection of the idea of the “parable of the broken shells.” The recovery of the “nitzotzot” “sparks”  Gr. “ions” is an aspect of recombinatory  charged, complementary plasma species in the electrified media of the mesosphere and heliosphere, I have come to conclude. I regard the sages of the ancient world as fully aware of the essential phenomena of natural formation that have been largely lost to history except in the studies of the Kabbalists from Abraham through Moses Maimonides (“Guide for the Perplexed”), the Baal Shem Tov and through the modern Kabbalists.  I see a direct path from them through the Masons, Theosophists, Aleister Crowley, and Jack Parsons, including the founding ultimately of NASA in 1958, but with considerable distortions and dead-end branches. So I am blessed to receive the opportunity from y’all to get the true message and content with scientific rigor. I have misunderstandings and incomplete knowledge aplenty, I’m sure.  I am loving to join you as a student, even helping to prepare the way for Messiach, whoever he may be, (though he be alive today), and have faith it will turn out to be Jesus Christ after all!