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Hi,  I’m sixty-one years on this earth, but you couldn’t tell that by looking at me.  Like everyone, I’ve gone through crises and tragedies that have taken great tolls. I have always believed that everything is for a purpose and things always work out.  But after a particularly great personal destruction of my belief system, and its seventeen-year depression as a result, I was beginning to wonder; just a little bit.

As I approached my sixtieth birthday though, things began to change in remarkable ways, and so fast it was incredible. Things began to make sense, first about my life and what I had gone through, and secondarily about my life in the ‘now’ moment.

I was changed or healed or made new or perhaps just “fixed” in ways that could be called miraculous, except these miracles came without prayer. Instead, the feeling inside me was it was time to come out of my walking while it was dying body, and begin to live, perhaps even run.

Then I came upon a video about a week ago and learned about the subject this course teaches, it answered or rather made clear a belief I’ve always had. That idea of the spark or single point of seeking that’s inside all of us.

That point was the mustard seed: of course!

That was the point where God touched us and we touched God.  It was the only point that all other points exist for. It was the way.

Before I make too much of a fool of myself by saying things I really have not yet learned of or verified, I’ll stop here. I hope that perhaps it might be that here somewhere with someone or with everyone, I might be able to share my true thoughts unhindered by my doubts of myself. And that by listening to others, all wisdom will be accepted in realization.

Whatever you think of me through this introduction is probably wrong, but kinda close. I look forward to you’all.