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Hello again Gil.

I’m afraid I have only been led to more questions. I try to find the answers on my own, usually, but you guys have so much content that the thought of searching this out myself is daunting.

Where does the world Adam Kadmon come in? It’s my current understanding that Adam Kadmon represents a person who has reached the state of having attained the totality of the Tree of Life. Is this correct? I vaguely recall hearing that Adam Kadmon was the first physical man – not associated with any type of attainment, just the first human – but that doesn’t sound right (unless the first human was automatically/naturally attained?). Also, what else do we know about Adam the person? Just the book he left us?

I will almost certainly have more questions in the future, is it ok to ask them here? I have been studying for a few years and will continue to study but for questions should I come back here or another forum?


Thank you for your time and please, never feel rushed to respond. I tend to ask a lot of questions but I have patience.