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Zenaida M. Lima


My name is Zenaida. I am Portuguese. This is has been a deep process to me. I started to approach the Wisdom of Kabbalah two years ago and after the first global understanding I stoped. Why? Because I was not ready. I wasn’t ready because I was not able to look at myself as I really am. I was attracted to an image of myself and that image was not the truth. I thought I was a spiritual being and I though that I did good actions, and meditated and that other people was full of bad intentions and actions because they were too aggressive to each other. I could not connect without seeing something wrong on the other side. I was wrong, I was assuming that I was good and all others were wrong or bad. This is pure egoism. I was being worst than all the others. How can you start such a path, like the wisdom of Kabbalah, if you rely in an illusion? I think I am ready now, not because I can deeply connect to others but because I can feel this calm silence inside, because I am no longer lying to myself and I am observing those who surround me with more care, attention and love. I hope that I am ready now. Sorry for my, not that good, English.

Nice too meet you all.