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Hi I go by Sandra Anne, well I seem to only happen on things I am supposed to happen on, just watched Kabbalah Revealed and it seemed to coincide with my own journey to Truth that has been going on from morning till night, for the last 5 years. Just I saw one day, plain as day, that in a strange way this world doesn’t even exist at all in the way everyone seems to have been taught it does. More like a dream where all the players you come across in it are also you would be great if all the characters could know it, just there wouldn’t even be another fight, or any greed, just if you had a lot and kept it to yourself you would see that you were robbing yourself, or that the issue someone might have with you is actually some issue you have with yourself, something that wanted to resolve somehow, like the dream itself is a matrix of supreme intelligence. So yeah, I’m looking forward to this as it seems to be in line with my own experience already, just in a way, you need tools in this life, like the tools are in your mind, in its capacity to dream without fear to know that something going wrong isn’t actually a thing, not even possible, just see what comes up to work with, I do a lot of writing, just try to tell anyone who wants to hear it, it’s actually okay, can’t really fall off the ride at all. This world seems insane to me on just almost all levels, just really sit back and watch it and think even this must be as it is for some reason, just that’s the best that could be dreamt up there, well even if it looks crazy that doesn’t mean you can’t love it or that it’s wrong. Whatever is is right, that’s for sure, because if it is, then it must be so. Well, that’s a little about this one, how the thinking works here really. I have a lot to be grateful for, not really an easy life so far but it seems to get easier every day. Thanks for reading. Love you!