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dyke dyke

My life never meant much to me.
I would have gladly ended it long ago, considering that there is no purpose, no love, nothing but pain and suffering.

Why would anyone even attempt to accept that? Why is life such a mess and suffering all abound?
Death, to me, seemed to be the only salvation from this absolute fucking hell we call “life”.

But, on the other hand, the notion of “there must be something else out there” never truly went away.
And at some point, there was a realization. That life is good, that everything happened for a reason, that we all have a purpose.
After that, I couldn’t help but love every person, every thief, every murderer and all the people that have wronged someone somewhere. All the wars, all the hunger, every broken heart on this planet are something to be loved and cherished.

Now all I truly and deeply want is to share this gift we call “life”.
Through this course, I am certain to find a way to do so.

It took some time and effort to find this community (and with it the wisdom of Kabbalah), but I am convinced, that this course is a great guide, will provide incredible insight and will help us all progress in meaningful ways.

Thank you for reading