How to Connect With Your Soul

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, there is an upper force called “the Creator” that created creation, which is a desire to enjoy. The pleasure that the Creator fills the desire to enjoy with is called “light.” The state where the Creator fills the desire completely is called the “world of Infinity.”

As the desire develops, it reaches a stage where it shatters into a multitude of individual desires, which in the wisdom of Kabbalah is called a shattering into “600,000 souls.” Since all of these desires shattered, they each hold only a minuscule portion of the light, and each one of these desires is called an “individual soul.”

However, such souls are incomplete. They are each only a tiny point within the true and complete soul. Moreover, they feel nothing of the complete soul but only a tiny point that leads it to yearn to return to its root, completely connected to all the other points as a large and complete single soul—a harmonious state of perfection where all parts are completely connected together as a single soul.

Our current times are ripe to start connecting these points together. In other words, today we are able to organize a closed system among each other where we can connect these points together as a segment of the complete soul, and discover the Creator’s light in such connection.

How does an individual point differ from a segment of the soul?

The point of the soul is also called the “point in the heart” in the wisdom of Kabbalah. It is a part that yearns to return to the complete soul. On the contrary, a segment of a soul is a gathering of these points in a group, what is called “a ten,” which is the minimal part of the collective soul that can function as a complete soul.

The soul is composed of ten parts, called “ten Sefirot.” We can differentiate parts of the soul that will operate exactly like the whole, but on a reduced scale. If we start connecting these parts, then the scale will increase.

However, in principle, the laws discovered in a group of ten will be identical to the laws in the complete collective soul, albeit to a smaller degree, because they will be less apparent, not rounded in the same manner.

Connecting the parts of the soul together is thus possible by organizing ourselves into small groups, where we each come together by having points of the soul, i.e. points in the heart, and realizing the method of Kabbalah that connects these points together. We then discover segments of the soul through these points’ connection, and the connection of the totality of these segments becomes the complete soul, where we discover complete harmony, eternity and perfection.