About KabU

Having taught over 180,000 students worldwide, KabU is the number one authority for authentic Kabbalah, combining intellectual study with an emotionally transformative experience.

Teaching the natural law of connection, the Wisdom of Kabbalah explains the science of what connects us to each other and to the reality around us.

KabU was founded by Bnei Baruch (Kabbalah.info), a global educational organization dedicated to the mission of its founder, Kabbalist and global thinker Dr. Michael Laitman to bring balance and fulfillment to the world.

All KabU instructors are advanced students of Dr. Laitman with years of experience developing study programs, writing books and articles and teaching Kabbalah.

KabU Learning Path

The guided study in KabU is built of four, short 5 week semesters.

  • Kabbalah Revealed Interactive – Part 1 – your current course
  • Kabbalah Revealed Interactive – Part 2 – your next course
  • Kabbalah in Action
  • Kabbalah Experience

Those that will successfully complete these courses, will be invited to join our online Kabbalistic community that includes various different weekly classes offered both in live and self study format including Pticha (Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah), Graduate Class, periodical webinars with Dr Laitman, articles of Rabash class, social events and more.