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Easily Achieve Mastery of Hebrew Fluency and
Spiritual Enlightenment
in Just 20 Weeks

Even if You've Struggled with Language Learning, Lack Consistent Motivation, Never Heard Hebrew Before, or Have Limited Time!

Say Goodbye to Frustration, Overwhelm and Confusion — Our Proven Step By Step System Simplifies The Process For You… Or You Get A FULL Refund!


Boris Rodov
Southampton, United Kingdom

I always wanted to be able to read Hebrew holy texts and, as I normally visit Israel every year, to also learn the spoken language basics. That’s why, in the past, I would join online courses (like the Rosetta Stone, etc.), but my motivation would always dwindle away after a few months. The Master the Hebrew Code course is different! By revealing the secret connections hidden in letters and words, it adds another layer to the study, which makes the Hebrew language grow on you and truly become part of your life.

Michal Zusin
New York & Tel Aviv

I made Aliyah to Israel from New York in 2021. The first thing I was looking into was learning Hebrew. Amongst the variety of courses and class options available I have selected this course and was very happy and impressed with the results. It gave me not only the strong foundation of the language itself but provided with the true meaning that stands behind every letter and rule that I’ve studied. It gave me very rich taste and knowledge of the Hebrew language. I am very grateful for that experience. Truly recommend this course.

Osnat Ben Shalom
Petah Tikva, Israel

As a Hebrew speaker living in Israel, I have always felt since childhood that this language has a unique essence. The course has opened up interesting facts to me that I was not aware of before regarding the spiritual meaning of specific words and the language in general. The unique combination of learning a language and understanding its spiritual significance is what made the course so special in my opinion.


“I want to learn Hebrew. How can I start?”

I’m overwhelmed by several different Hebrew introductory courses, methods and organizations teaching Hebrew. Is it even possible to learn Hebrew online? I don’t know what is the most effective starting point.

“I’m interested in the spiritual meaning of Hebrew”

​I want to decode the Hebrew language! I’m a Hebrew native speaker, or a student of a Hebrew course, or I don’t even speak Hebrew at all… but I want to understand the spiritual meaning of the Hebrew letters, the language’s structure, its roots, vowels, and so on.

“I want to read Hebrew holy texts”

I always wanted to read the Bible, the Siddur and/or other holy texts in their original language.

“I want to read Kabbalah books”

Like Latin is the language of medicine, Hebrew is the language of Kabbalah. I’m interested in Kabbalah and want to read The Book of Zohar and other Kabbalistic sources in Hebrew. I also want to learn the spiritual meaning of Hebrew.

“I must learn Hebrew, but don’t have motivation”

I studied Hebrew in the past, but failed for whatever reason. I might need to start from scratch, but I can’t find the motivation to learn a new language.

“I moved to Israel, or I’m planning to visit Israel”

I’m new to Israel, or I’m planning to live and/or work in Israel, so I want to learn the language of this country.


The Proven Step By Step System That Eliminates Frustration, Overwhelm & Confusion And Teaches The Spiritual Meaning


Effortlessly Master the Hebrew Alphabet and Vowels

(value $125)

Jumpstart your Hebrew journey by mastering the alphabet and vowels through a fun and engaging approach that makes learning seamless and enjoyable. You’ll quickly recognize, pronounce, and write all Hebrew letters, setting a strong foundation for further learning.

Command Hebrew Grammar and Syntax with Confidence

(value $150)

Build a strong foundation in Hebrew grammar and syntax. Learn to use nouns, pronouns, and verbs to form grammatically correct sentences. Understand how to navigate gender, number, and word order. Gain skills in asking and answering questions, expressing possession, and incorporating adjectives to create complex sentences. Мaster essential descriptive opposites, adverbs, and their usage, enabling you to construct increasingly sophisticated sentences and communicate effectively in Hebrew.

Uncover the Spiritual Grammar of Hebrew

(value $150)

Unlock the spiritual layers of Hebrew by exploring its unique grammar. Discover the four languages within Hebrew and the deep spiritual meaning embedded in the Hebrew alphabet. Learn about Gematria and how the geometric patterns of letters represent the spiritual forces. Understand the significance of naming in Hebrew, where names in the Bible signify spiritual degrees. The course will guide you through Hebrew’s intricate spiritual grammar, revealing the age-old language as a powerful tool for spiritual insight and communication.

Read Hebrew Texts with Confidence and Ease

(value $175)

Through structured lessons and practice, you’ll learn how to pronounce multisyllabic words and read any Hebrew text with vowel markings, as well as basic texts without them. Imagine seamlessly reading the Bible, the Siddur, and/or other holy texts, Kabbalah books or any modern text. The course makes this a reality, even if you start with no prior knowledge.

Discover the Hebrew Core - Word Roots

(value $125)

Discover the core of Hebrew language with our deep dive into word roots. Learn to identify and extract meanings from the roots of words, understanding how different letters and their arrangements impact definitions. You’ll explore word families that share common roots and see how various parts of speech are built from these foundations. This knowledge will empower you to decode and understand Hebrew vocabulary more intuitively, enhancing your language skills and enriching your comprehension of Hebrew texts.

Unlock the Spiritual Code of Hebrew

(value $150)

Delve into the uniqueness of Hebrew as a spiritual code. The course illuminates how Hebrew differs from other languages in origin, history, and purpose. Learn how Kabbalists used Hebrew to convey the processes of creation and human connection. Understand Hebrew as the internal code of reality, offering insights into spiritual worlds and the thought of creation. Discover Hebrew’s cultural, historical, and spiritual significance, appreciating it as a powerful tool for spiritual communication and everyday life.

Elevate Your Conversational Hebrew Skills

(value $200)

Enhance your ability to communicate in Hebrew with our comprehensive focus on conversational skills. Express a wide range of emotional and descriptive states while mastering commonly used Hebrew phrases for everyday life. Learn how to introduce yourself and greet new people. Cover topics like asking for directions, discussing health, and talking about home, family, and relationships. Gain the confidence to converse about age, time, dates, and daily activities. By the end of the course, navigate conversations about shopping, dining, weather, seasons, and much more. Additionally, practice conversations about spirituality and Jewish holidays, preparing you for any Hebrew-speaking environment.

Master Hebrew Writing Skills with Joy and Precision

(value $125)

Engage in hands-on learning with tailored writing exercises for each Hebrew letter. These activities reinforce your understanding and proficiency in both penmanship and spiritual identification, ensuring you master each letter with ease. Experience the joy of writing Hebrew, from Aleph to Tav, and beyond, as you develop a deep connection with the language. Our system guarantees that you’ll not only learn to write beautifully but also grasp the essence and meaning behind each character, enhancing your overall Hebrew literacy.

Rapidly Expand Your Hebrew Vocabulary

(value $150)

Learn a wide array of Hebrew words, from everyday essentials to advanced terms, and enhance your conversational skills. Our proven system replaces frustration with satisfaction, helping you effortlessly remember and use over 500 Hebrew words in real-life scenarios.

Hebrew as the Roadmap to Spirituality

(value $175)

Embark on a spiritual journey through the Hebrew language. Learn how Hebrew acts as a spiritual compass, guiding the soul through the spiritual degrees and the Tree of Life. Understand the structure of reality, ten Sefirot, and the thought of creation through Hebrew. Discover how Hebrew draws spiritual light for correction and connects the spiritual worlds with our reality. Explore the deeper destiny of Hebrew, including the name of God and how Hebrew teaches us about the types and levels of desire and their satisfaction.

20 Weeks of Immersive and Joyful Hebrew Learning

Course Length
20 weeks of transformative learning
Weekly Main Live Lesson
1.5 hours of live instruction plus recordings
Weekly Live Workshop
1 hour of interactive practice with native speakers
Downloadable PDFs for reinforcing lessons
Exclusive Access 
to Q&A Forum
Get your questions answered by experts
Rich Related Materials
Comprehensive resources to enhance your learning experience


Exclusive Access to Presale Discounts

(value $700)

Enjoy a one-time $700 discount on your enrollment during the presale period. This incredible offer is available only until the course launch. Don’t miss your chance to save big and gain exclusive access to our immersive learning experience.

Live Interactive Sessions

(value $200)

Enroll during the presale period and participate in real-time lessons with Dr. Benzion Giertz, who directs a Hebrew publishing house, and who has managed the writing, editing, and publications of 100s of texts to come out in the Hebrew language. Engage directly, ask questions, and benefit from live instruction in the first course cycle before sessions become recorded. Don’t miss this unique opportunity for personal interaction and immediate feedback from our esteemed instructor.

Ultimate Q&A Forum For Quicker & Ensured Results!

(value $125)

Embark on a collaborative journey of discovery within our vibrant forum community. Pose questions, share insights, and connect with fellow learners and experts so you learn Hebrew quicker and have a support system to virtually guarantee your results. Get your questions answered by experts within 24 hours.


The Secret to “Master the Hebrew Code“ Success

Gain New Meaning, Inspiration, and Motivation for Learning Hebrew:

The course combines Hebrew language skills with deep spiritual insights, providing extra motivation and inspiration even if you’re only interested in the language itself. Say goodbye to dry, boring textbooks! Our dynamic lessons are filled with interactive activities, engaging multimedia content, and real-life conversations that keep you motivated and excited to learn. 

Step-by-Step Guidance, Even if You Failed in the Past:

Whether you’re a beginner or looking to brush up on your skills, our proven step-by-step approach guides you through each lesson with clarity and confidence. No more feeling lost or overwhelmed—we’re with you every step of the way, making sure you succeed in learning Hebrew online.

Practice with Native Speakers:

Start speaking Hebrew from the first week! With 40% of the course dedicated to practice, you’ll gain confidence in a supportive and friendly environment. Interact with native Hebrew speakers to master pronunciation and conversational skills.

Learn from Experts:

The course creators are native Hebrew speakers with over 20 years of teaching experience and deep expertise in its spiritual meanings. Hebrew is a Kabbalistic language and the course is built by KabU – the #1 Authority in Authentic Kabbalah. Start your learning path with over 300,000 KabU students all around the world studying KabU courses and participating in weekly broadcasts.

Supportive Community:

Join a vibrant community of language enthusiasts. Practice speaking Hebrew, exchange cultural insights, and celebrate progress together. Our supportive community provides personal feedback and encouragement, ensuring you stay on track to achieve fluency. Additionally, our forum lets you ask questions and receive answers directly from instructors.

Flexible Learning Options:

Life can be busy, but that shouldn’t stop you from achieving your language goals. Our flexible learning options lets you study at your own pace, on your schedule, and from anywhere in the world. Learning Hebrew has never been more convenient!

Dr. Benzion Giertz — Course Author

Hey there, I’m Benzion, and I’m excited to connect with you.

My extensive background includes teaching Hebrew in Israeli high schools, serving as a senior lecturer for KabU, and being a certified Hebrew book executive editor. 

I developed and taught a comprehensive 2-year Hebrew course for English-speaking Kabbalah students and created the Dialogue Circle —an innovative educational approach.

I’m a native Hebrew speaker with over 20 years of experience as the Hebrew teacher, chief editor, translator, and research program director at Kabbalah La’am Publishing House and the ARI Institute.

I have spent the past 20 years working to open original Kabbalist writings to a larger public.  In my experience as a Hebrew editor, I discovered that the deeper destiny of the Hebrew language is to draw spiritual powers into our world.

Hebrew is a kind of programming code to open the heart and connect people to the spiritual light. Hebrew is the compass to our global connected desire.

Join me on this transformative journey and unlock the profound secrets of Hebrew for a deeper, more connected life.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Listen, I get it. We’re strangers in this digital universe, and trust isn’t something that comes easily, especially when you’ve been burned by courses that promised the world but delivered disappointment instead.

So here’s the deal: I’m shouldering all the risk here. I’m handing you a full 30 days to dive into the program and see for yourself if it’s worth your while. If it doesn’t live up to your expectations, just shoot me an email at [email protected], and I’ll promptly refund your investment. No questions asked.

Your satisfaction is my priority, and I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is. It’s time to experience a guarantee that’s as solid as the content itself.

The Missing Piece: A Course that Combines Hebrew and its Spiritual Meaning
Recently, we have seen increased interest in learning Hebrew around the world. There are three main groups of students:
Students who need to learn Hebrew.
Students who are interested in the spiritual meaning of the language.
Also, students who want to combine the study of Hebrew with its spiritual meaning.

As experts in Kabbalah, we have been studying the spiritual meaning of the language for many years from Kabbalistic authentic sources.

We noticed that, unfortunately, today there is no single ADVANCED course that would combine the study of Hebrew and its spiritual meaning.

Even if you just need to learn Hebrew, we are sure that our course will give you extra motivation and inspiration to learn the language.
Discover How Others, Like You, Have Easily & Quickly Cracked The Hebrew Code...
Mary Boyer
Florida, United States

I’ve had a strong desire to learn not only the Hebrew language, but also the secrets contained within it, for a very long time. I learned the basics of the language from other courses, but struggled to remember and could tell there was just something missing. This took me on a long journey that eventually led to KabU, and the best course I’ve ever found about the Hebrew language! If you’re struggling to remember Hebrew, or have a curiosity in the deeper meaning behind the language, this course is definitely a game-changer when it comes to understand the Hebrew language.

Peter Cregan
Boston, United States

I joined this course wanting to learn Hebrew to be able to read Kabbalistic texts and listen to Kabbalah lessons in the original language. I feel that it gave me an immense desire and support in achieving my goal through great lessons content. Although I am still in the process of learning, I can already read Kabbalistic texts in Hebrew and recognize many words! I want to thank the author of this course for giving me the very foundation I needed to continue my study of Kabbalah in greater depth.

Michael Pesce
Bari, Italy

Throughout my whole life since I was a little child I wanted to know, to understand, to feel what is the purpose of life. I felt for many years that the holy script contained the keys to unlock our reality however they were locked from a multilayer, multidimensional code called the Hebrew language. Thanks to the course and the amazing teacher I started to understand, to comprehend, to perceive reality through this amazing language called Hebrew.

Master the Hebrew Code
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