Preparation for EXPERIENCE KABBALAH by KabU

Prepare yourself to unlock the spiritual potential of our time.

The next big thing in your life is here!

We’re bringing it to you live this Sunday, 26 June with our jam-packed 1-day virtual event, Experience Kabbalah by KabU.

Want to connect with others in a way you’ve never connected before? Want to learn exactly where you can make the biggest impact in the world today? And why are our times perfectly suited for this?

Get on key with experiential lessons, interactive workshops, inspiring culture, insightful Q&A, and a global connection like no other!

1) Get Your Tickets (if You Haven’t)

If you haven’t signed up yet, what are you waiting for? We’ve made it super easy by letting you pay what you want. Yes, that means you can get your tickets absolutely free of charge if you so wish. The main thing is that we’d love for you to join this amazing connection experience and feel the power that can unlock your spiritual potential like nothing else…

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2) Review the Schedule

From 10am until 6pm Eastern time (New York), the schedule will be packed with content. We have made the schedule available at the following link, and also in the video below, Lio Spiegler, who is a senior KabU instructor and the event’s content manager, reviews the schedule in depth over about 20 minutes.

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3) Get in the Spirit

Watch the Live Q&A Celebration special preparation below, which we held on Sunday to get in the spirit toward the event. Among answering various questions from Kabbalah’s perspective, Markos also explains the spiritual potential that such an event holds, and presents media from KabU students and other event attendees preparing toward the event.

4) Enjoy Some Music

Enjoy and get familiar with the music that will be played throughout the event. Here’s the playlist…