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#1 Authority in
Authentic Kabbalah

Everyone wants to be happy. There are myriad interpretations of what happiness is, how to be happy, and what the source of happiness is, and certainly, if we could identify an authentic source of happiness, then we could be confident in a goal to aspire toward. Read More »

There is an upper force called “the Creator” that created creation, which is a desire to enjoy. The pleasure that the Creator fills the desire to enjoy with is called “light.” The state where the Creator fills the desire completely is called the “world of Infinity.” Read More »

To cross the barrier that separates our corporeal world from the spiritual world means to feel the reality within, and it is done by developing our desire for spirituality to a point where it is ready to resemble a certain portion of the spiritual world. Read More »

Love is a quality, force and longing to fulfill the desires of others, which is directed from the person outward. How is it possible to fulfill another person’s desires? Read More » 

For millennia, humanity has been asking the same questions: Where are we headed; what and how are we evolving; what should we change to improve our lives; where is human nature leading us? Read More »

Bad things do not actually happen to us, but a certain kind of revelation takes place that we have to correct. Read More »