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There are over 4,000 religions and beliefs in the world. The main religions stem from Abraham, who lived in ancient Babylon close to 3,500 years ago.  Read More »

The Zohar, often cited by Kabbalists as “The Book,” is the most renowned of all Kabbalistic texts. What you might already know about The Zohar is that it is a collection of commentaries on the Torah, that it was written a long time ago, and that it is shrouded in mysteryRead More »

Why is Kabbalah becoming revealed specifically in our times?  Read More »

The science of Kabbalah is unique in the way it talks about you and me, about all of us. It doesn’t deal with anything abstract, only with the way we are created and how we function at higher levels of existence. Read More » 


The wisdom of Kabbalah is the most ancient of all wisdoms. It goes back to the time of Abraham the Patriarch, in the 18th century BC, 3800 years ago. Abraham the Patriarch was an ordinary Bedouin tribesman in Babylon, who discovered the existence of Godliness, a reality outside this world. Read More »