Question Your Reality

We are unaware as to whether what we now perceive is real or a dream. What if we are in a dream and cannot wake up?

It appears as if we live in a certain reality, but how do we really know whether such a reality is a dream in relation to another reality? Perhaps there is a new degree of awakening that we are developing toward, where we will see our entire past as if it were a dream?

Moreover, we spend about a third of our lives sleeping in our current reality. How, then, do we know whether or not we are sleeping now in relation to a higher reality?

We thus need to examine how to shift from our current state to a higher state, and attain a new awareness of ourselves and the reality we exist in.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is a method that lets us reach such an attainment. Until we rise to a higher perception and sensation of reality, we will be unconsciously locked in a dream, without the ability to wake up and begin to live.

Everyone has experienced dreaming. Very simply, we fall asleep, we dream while we are asleep, and then we eventually wake up. Likewise, in relation to the spiritual world, our entire corporeal existence is considered a dream.

The more we rise spiritually, the more we discover dreamlike states in relation to higher awakened states.

The wisdom of Kabbalah provides us with a method by which to continually rise up the spiritual ladder of higher and higher consciousness. If we accurately apply ourselves to the method, we then climb this ladder, each time waking up from our current dreamlike state into a higher, more conscious and more aware state. This is why Kabbalists wrote about our current reality that, “They were as dreamers.”