The Meaning of Life

The meaning of life is to discover the meaning of life.

Whether or not we are aware of it, we are constantly under the pressure of the question about the meaning of life. Why are we alive here on this planet? What were we put here for? Why are we alive specifically today, under all the social, economic and political circumstances that influence us? Asking about the meaning of life and not finding any answer can lead people to depression, anxiety and many other negative sensations, which can cause them to descend into a self-harm spiral or harm others.

What, then, is the meaning of life? Is it happiness? Love? Success? Freedom? Or something else entirely? Maybe there is no meaning to life at all? The wisdom of Kabbalah claims to be a method that was made specifically to answer this question.

The meaning of life is not happiness, love, success and freedom, because all these qualities remain in this life and die together with the person. We are all afraid of dying, but if we start entering a higher degree through the question about the meaning of life, then we don’t die. Our spirit continues developing. Physical death is given to us on purpose, so that we will ask ourselves about the meaning of life at least once during our lives. If we are concerned about the elevation of our spirit, we reach a state where we attain the meaning of life in our current lifetime.

Kabbalah states that asking about the meaning of life differentiates the human from the animal, as only a person can observe and analyze his life. Only when we “wake up” from ourselves and connect to other people, can we find the answer. If we connect in such a way where we feel each other’s desires and can live inside the other, we will see our lives and the meaning of our lives. Why? It is because, by entering into the other, we exit ourselves and can watch our existence from aside.