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Open A New Perception Of Reality

There are three components in perception of reality: the Creator, the friends, and me. The Creator is dressed in the friends and I want to relate myself to them. This is called: “Israel, the Torah, and the Creator are one.” It all depends on what is considered illusory and what is reality. A child listens to how I tell him or her a fairy tale and → Read More

Correct The Perception Of Reality

Remark: In The Book of Zohar it says that all the worlds, both, upper and lower and everything that exists in them, are created only for the sake of man, and everything lives and develops because of man. This was written 2,000 years ago. My Comment: Everything is only for one person because nothing was created but Adam. Adam is the general system that we all are parts of. → Read More

Perception Of Reality: From Newton To Kabbalah

We live in a fairly confusing world. And people ask themselves about where they live, where they exist. Generally, we did not ask these questions over the course of thousands of years. We thought that the world we live in is this world. This conception is called the “perception of the world according to Newton.” Then, as we advanced in our study of nature, we discovered that other beings, which are → Read More

The Human Mind And The Perception Of Reality

Question: Speaking about the perception of reality through the senses, where are we and where is the function of the brain?
Answer: We perceive information through the five senses that were given to us by nature. This information is summed up within us and gives us a sensation of what exists outside of a person. If these senses were removed → Read More

Shades Of The Perception Of Reality

Question: Why do the spiritual forces produce physical and not spiritual images within me?
Answer: Spiritual forces don’t produce anything in you, even though that is what we say. A person, a bee, a snake, like all other animals, all of them look at the world with their eyes and each of them sees it in → Read More