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Why Doesn’t Anything Satisfy Me?

Question: Why haven’t I ever had the feeling of complete satisfaction in my life?
Answer: People cannot experience complete satisfaction in this world because as soon as we are filled with something, the feeling starts to fade away and we lose it. Therefore a person never has the feeling that he has attained what what he desires and that he doesn’t need anything else→ Read More

The Inverse Relationship Of Money And Happiness

In the News (from VOX): “The link between higher national income and higher national life satisfaction is critical to economic policy making. There is a clear, positive relation in the poorer nations and regions, but it flattens out at around $30,000–$35,000, and then turns negative.” Dr. Laitman: Many similar studies have been conducted out today and they all come to the same conclusion. Kabbalah says → Read More

A Paradox of Giving

A person has to aspire to fulfill himself by pleasing others rather than by pleasing himself. I fulfill you, feel your desire and how it’s getting filled, and thus get pleased myself. I become filled by sensing your satisfaction, which is why I strive to please you as much as possible, like a mother who is happy because she fed her child → Read More

Source of All Thoughts

Question: What is a filter for transmitting my thoughts and receiving thoughts of others?
Answer: Not only my thoughts, but also the thoughts of others, I must perceive as if I receive them from the Creator. At the same time, I do not take into account from whom among those around me I received these influences, because they come only from the Creator. I exist in the Creator and → Read More

Desire Changes, Thoughts Change

Question: When a desire overwhelms me, I can think about it endlessly. How can a desire suddenly affect a higher level of thoughts?
Answer: Desire changes, thoughts change. I am beginning to think about how to serve my new desire → Read More

How to Sort Out Your Desires And Thoughts

Question: Is it true that the method of Kabbalah helps a person reveal his destiny by sorting out his desires? How do we sort out the desires and thoughts that come to us?
Answer: You cannot do this—do not even think about it. Don’t think you are so smart, developed, and capable of sorting out desires and thoughts. The only thing you can do is → Read More

Giving Means Filling the Desires of Others

Question: I can understand how people give in the material world (you can help people voluntarily), but I don’t get how one can bestow in the spiritual world?
Answer: I, on the contrary, do not understand how you can give in the material world. After all, the reason behind of all of your actions is you wanting to feel good; that is not considered bestowal. → Read More