New Life Shows:

New Life 248 – Know Yourself

The human is a social being and is thus a product of the environment in which he grows. The first environment that provides a person with both desires and fulfillment is their home. We carry it with us as a measuring bar all of our lives. Through positive connection, we can learn how to be included with others, create connection and integration, strike a balance between us, and enjoy the whole world together.

New Life 249 – Understanding Your Inner Life

Human development should bring us to the essence and summit of life. Integral education teaches people how to find solutions through circle discussions. We form connections in the circle, praise one another, and discover another level of existence based on a sense of “we” instead of “I.” In an integral society, we feel elevated as if we were hovering in the air and receive pleasure and power to progress together.

New Life 274 – My Ego And Me

The ego is self-love. Without it nothing could exist, including both pain and pleasure. The ego develops via four stages in nature: the still, vegetative, animate, and speaking or human levels and now we have reached the peak of the ego’s development and are evolving into a new form based on mutual connection and harmony with others and with nature as a whole.

New Life 689 – Where Do Thoughts Come From?

There is no stronger power than the power of thoughts. Where do our thoughts come from? Every state we undergo in life is meant to help us advance to the recognition of the upper force. If we paid attention to every thought we have, we would begin to identify the upper thought. This is exactly what the wisdom of Kabbalah engages in, in how to perceive the upper leadership and how to identify it.

New Life 634 – What Is Giving?

How does giving influence the giver and the receiver? What is the role of the egoistic desire in the act of giving and why only from loving others we can give without any expectations for something in return?

New Life 978 – Good Deeds

What is a good deed and how does it affect the giver and the recipient, what is the connection between health and good deeds, and how does a good relationship affect the rest of the world? The highest development is to benefit others in order to connect to a higher power, to God, to the absolute good. Relating positively to each other develops our soul since giving has the force of life. God is nature, a system that connects all the details of reality with the power of giving and love.

New Life 979 – How to Give And Receive

True giving and receiving is based on the intention to benefit others. The giver should make sure that the recipient will enjoy without any negative feelings like shame, and the recipient should have the attitude of doing a favor to the giver by receiving from him. This can only happen when we rise above all self-concern and connect to a higher force.