New Life Shows

New Life 866 – Correcting the World

Why are there different views regarding the essence of the correction of the world? What is the role of mankind in the correction of the world, and what is Kabbalah’s approach to this subject? The wisdom of Kabbalah describes the foundation of the world, the depth of nature, because first we must know what is corrupt in order to correct it. The correction of the world means the correction of man’s nature.

New Life 1028 – Peace in the World

The world is whole and perfect exactly as it is now. Our perception of the world is distorted because we lack true connection with each other. We receive everything the Creator gives us incorrectly due to our egoistic nature. This evil nature cannot and should not be uprooted since there is no good without evil. Instead, it needs to be corrected in order to achieve balance, perfection, and peace. The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us how to repair the nature of our root and become altruistic with the help of the Light. We learn to receive properly when we fill everything with the power of love.

New Life 870 – How Does the Method of Correction Work?

How can we correct the system of connections between people, what is the method of connection between us, and what is the role of the person in attracting the power of goodness into his life? Throughout history we have developed according to the forces of nature. We have reached a time in which we need to investigate the forces that operate us.

New Life 943 – History from the Kabbalah Perspective

Historical development occurs according to five stages that repeat themselves at different levels. You can look at the history of the human race as a person whose life (or egoism) has evolved over the generations. The human ego has developed through the Stone, Copper, Iron and, now, Plastic Ages. Today, we face a state of despair as we are on the cusp of a new level of spiritual existence. Since God was revealed to man for the first time 5,778 years ago, the human race has been in the process of becoming a spiritual creature in consciousness and feeling. We are about to acquire new forces such as the ability to feel things with the desire to love rather than the desire to receive.

New Life 835 – The Relationship Between Israel and the World

The right of the people of Israel to exist is only in contact and connection above differences! The people of Israel are not a people like all the nations; they are a collection of representatives from all the nations that gathered around Abraham in Babylon and from there spread throughout the Earth.

New Life 525 – Understanding the Rules of Life

Suppose we arrive in a strange country and without knowing the laws there, we encounter many problems. So are we really in a network that runs the legality of world forces. The Book of Zohar tells about this law and enables us to enjoy life in our world. We need to change our approach, and in order to bring about a positive change, we first have to learn the law according to which the world is managed.

New Life 695 – The Influence of Our Intentions on Reality

The more a person directs himself, the more he prepares himself, the better results he will get. Kabbalists have other intentions; they work with a unique power, the upper force that depicts all of reality for us. In every situation they experience, whether it is internal or external, they must determine that “There is none else beside Him” (Deuteronomy 4:35) and that He is good that does good. Kabbalah teaches us how to build intentions and to begin to identify the higher power, transcending feelings.

New Life 894 – Overcoming Hardships

Why does life place difficulties before us? What is the right way to contend with them and how can we be in connection with the upper force through them? Real communication with the upper force requires correction of egoism and acceptance of the power of love and giving to others.

New Life 1000 – The New Life Ahead of Us

In the new life, we will no longer fight with each other; rather, each one will fight with his ego that hinders his connection to others. The younger generation is discovering that the ego no longer functions as a way to attain fulfillment. Human nature must change so that we learn to enjoy life together in an infinite way rather than in a limited egoistic fashion. There is a north star guiding us to exit this life into another eternal dimension where we will feel like one body. We will live as one soul connected together and our pleasure will be experienced through mutual complementarity.