New Life Shows

The New Life series contains over one thousand conversations with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman covering all areas of life. From improving your relationships, parenting, self-fulfillment and spiritual advancement to understanding our current reality and global trends, you can get the Kabbalah perspective on almost any question.

Here are some New Life episodes related to topics covered in this section:

New Life 476 – The Truth about the Wisdom of Kabbalah

The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us how to establish harmonious and balanced relationships by revealing the unified, general force of nature between us. It explains how to ascend to a higher level by developing our minds and emotions on the level of the next world. Kabbalah books are encoded and a teacher is required in order to fully understand them.

New Life 919 – What is the Wisdom of Truth?

The wisdom of Kabbalah is called the wisdom of truth because it brings a person to discovery of the Creator, who is called the truth. It teaches groups of people how to transcend the imaginary reality and enter the true reality of the Creator, how to change from thinking of one’s own pleasure to thinking of love and giving. This truth can only be discovered through the falsehood just as the Light can only be discovered over the darkness. It is a method for the correction of each person who ends up wanting to help everyone to discover the same wonderful truth.

New Life 867 – Correcting Man

What is the corruption embedded in man’s nature? Why should we recognize the evil in us and how will the correction of man affect the whole world?

New Life 529 – What is Prayer?

We are found in a particular reality and yearn for another reality. Prayer is the means for this change. Prayer is turning toward the upper force in nature that produces and directs reality toward a particular goal. This operation is not simple. I must know how to penetrate into the “big computer” that manages the world. Nothing can change for the better if we don’t change ourselves and advance toward inclusive connection.

New Life 530 -What Prayers Get Answered?

Even though we constantly try to improve our situation, life today is nothing. It is somewhat pointless and meaningless. In fact, all people pray. What the heart wants is the prayer of the person. Yet only the prayer of many is answered. The prayer of many is a prayer for the many, that things will be good for everyone. When we pray together for someone to be healed, the connection between us influences the higher system. If we connect to correct the evil inclination in us to aim toward love for others, we will be cured of all troubles.

New Life 477 – Correcting the Ego with The Balancing Force of Nature

The human ego is an evil super force that destroys our chances for peace. It runs us, but there is an opposing positive force that can create balance on top of the negative egoistic force. Kabbalah teaches us how to discover and use this positive force so that we can communicate correctly with one another and build good lives.