Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

Bad things do not actually happen to us, but a certain kind of revelation takes place that we have to correct.

When that revelation happens, it is always felt in a bad or negative way. We then have to push through that negative state with our actions toward a good and positive form, i.e., toward positive connection with others and nature.

In other words, we perceive bad and negative events unfolding in our lives in order to perform a correction. “Correction” means that we should aim to build positive connections with others, reaching mutual understanding, decisions, consideration and activity.

More broadly, human nature is a desire to enjoy, and this desire undergoes a process of development from its initial broken state, which gives us the perception of separation from others and nature, to a state where our desire acquires a corrected form, where it enjoys from loving, giving to, and being positively connected with others and nature.

The wisdom of Kabbalah explains the initial shattering of this desire in the story about the sin of the Tree of Knowledge, also known as the shattering of the soul of Adam HaRishon (the “First Man”). Our entire development leads us to a point where we will need to correct this egoistic desire, and to acquire a form that is similar to nature—altruistic.

When we understand what is behind our process of development and where we are headed, we can then apply ourselves to move toward our final state in a much more enjoyable, conscious and painless manner. In short, we are headed toward a state of total interconnectedness and interdependence, which the Kabbalistic texts describe as a state of “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

The sooner we can agree to such a goal and organize ourselves in society to realize positive connections, then the sooner we will shift from a development where we see increasing amounts of “bad things” surfacing in our lives, to one where we become balanced with nature.

Then, when we balance with the form that nature is urging us to reach, we will experience a whole new level of harmony, happiness, confidence and security, together with full understanding and sensation of who and what we are, and why we were put here in this reality.