of happiness and meaning through the science of connection and Kabbalah

There’s a bigger picture that we’re all part of.
Beyond politics, beyond faith, beyond differences.
There’s a reason why you ask about the meaning
and purpose of life itself.
You can access a higher human experience.

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Dive into the meaning and purpose of your inner world, and make sense of the world around you, with classes, content and a community that will expand your mind and touch your heart.

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I am so grateful for “Kabbalah Revealed.” Tony revealed how the wisdom of Kabbalah answers the very fundamental questions any curious soul might ask. It guides you to come and see the answers for yourself. And it works!

Shahab MoradiViejo, California

Mind-blowing! After taking this course, my life has never been the same again. I felt as if all that happened to me in the past was not just a mere coincidence, but a path leading me to Kabbalah. Life does have meaning.

Michelle NijenhuisAlicante, Spain

I searched everywhere. I couldn’t find any satisfying answers, until I came across authentic Kabbalah. The course shed light not only on the questions I had, but also on why they had awakened in me in the first place.

Dejan SimonBelgrade, Serbia

I love the in-depth information on what learning Kabbalah means, as well as the nice little exercises. The interaction with students from around the world was very special. It drives you to learn more. So grateful!

Inger LevitusNaarden, Holland

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