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Young Group – With Zohar

The Young Group is the highlight of the Grad Environment. It’s an opportunity to put into practice all the theoretical study of the upper worlds, the partzufim and the sefirot when we gather in a Kabbalistic group.

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The Blueprint of Creation

Study and feel the complete structure of reality that the great Kabbalists unraveled

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Standing On The Threshold

Pandemic, lock-downs, political unrest, the disappearance of a sense of future. Learn where we are on Kabbalah’s map of Nature's pattern of development and exactly where it’s taking us.

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Kabbalah in Action

The application and practice of the fundamental Kabbalistic principles and concepts learned in Kabbalah Revealed Parts 1 and 2.

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Love According to Nature

How to create a long-lasting, loving relationship according to Kabbalistic principles

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Kabbalah Revealed – Part 2

Complete your learning of the basic concepts and fundamental principles of Kabbalah with Tony Kosinec.

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Question Your Reality – Part 2

Get answers to the most thought-provoking questions on the wisdom of Kabbalah and the nature of reality.

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Question Your Reality – Part 1

Get answers to the most thought-provoking questions on the wisdom of Kabbalah and the nature of reality.

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The Science of Human Emergence

Learn about the fascinating phenomenon of emergence and how it relates to all of us as human beings.

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The World, the Jews & the Science of Human Survival

How could it be that in the 21st century, anti-Semitism is re-surging? Discover the deepest roots of this phenomenon, beyond politics, religion, culture.

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Wired to Connect

Gain a profound understanding of how your social connections shape each and every aspect of your experience and how you can use that to get the most out of life.

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Humanity at a Crossroads

Put the pieces together and reveal the bigger picture of where the human family is headed in the 21st century.

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Enter The Zohar

Access the deepest forces of nature that dwell untapped within yourself. Forces that will expand your perception and connect you to the beautiful, eternal reality of The Zohar.

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The Meaning of Life Contemplation Kit

Take a break from the daily grind and flow into an inner journey of reflecting on the purpose of life itself.

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Kabbalah Experience

This course studies the daily, weekly and annual activities that a Kabbalistic society organizes in order to advance themselves towards spirituality.

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Kabbalah Revealed

Master the fundamentals of authentic Kabbalah. Start the first of a four-part course that will usher you into a whole new level of meaning and purpose in life.

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Have To Say

I am so grateful for “Kabbalah Revealed.” Tony revealed how the wisdom of Kabbalah answers the very fundamental questions any curious soul might ask. It guides you to come and see the answers for yourself. And it works!

Shahab MoradiViejo, California

Mind-blowing! After taking this course, my life has never been the same again. I felt as if all that happened to me in the past was not just a mere coincidence, but a path leading me to Kabbalah. Life does have meaning.

Michelle NijenhuisAlicante, Spain

I searched everywhere. I couldn’t find any satisfying answers, until I came across authentic Kabbalah. The course shed light not only on the questions I had, but also on why they had awakened in me in the first place.

Dejan SimonBelgrade, Serbia

I love the in-depth information on what learning Kabbalah means, as well as the nice little exercises. The interaction with students from around the world was very special. It drives you to learn more. So grateful!

Inger LevitusNaarden, Holland