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$29  /month
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$348 Billed Annually
Save $120 Annually
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Community Member
Access to 4 live weekly lessons, mentorship by senior instructors, unlimited access to the lesson archives, and live Q&A sessions.
$49  /month
$69  /month
$588 Billed Annually
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Supporting Member
Get everything in the community and become a supporter of the financial aid plan and of the expansion of KabU.
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Get everything in the community and take pride in supporting our content development program, making Kabbalah sources available to the world for free.
Frequently asked questions about the Graduate Environment can be found below
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Weekly live Pticha lessons
Weekly live Graduate lessons
Weekly live Q&A sessions
Membership in the Young Group program
Unlimited forum access
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Access to live events
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A dedicated 10s space on the site
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Support the maintenance and development of the Graduate Environment
Support the Graduate Environment financial aid plan
Support the creation of new courses on KabU
Support the creation of awesome new songs
Support the creation of new Kabbalah clips daily and weekly on our social media
Support the English translation of The Study of the Ten Sefirot
Support the English translation of The Book of Zohar
Support the upgrade and redesign of
Translation of the Rabash Social Writings
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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the KabU Graduate Environment?

The Graduate Environment is an advanced platform for continuing your spiritual development. It consists of several classes: Live Graduate Lessons, the Young Group Learning Community, Live Lessons on the Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah (Pticha), and the Sunday Meeting With Friends, a weekly live Q&A session.

The Graduate Environment also includes a lively forum and access to a vast archive of audio and video content, special live broadcast events, personal mentorship, and much more.

Who Can Enroll?

In order to make sure that you advance with people who share a similar level of enthusiasm, knowledge and dedication, the minimum requirement to continue into the Graduate Environment in KabU is to have successfully graduated from the four beginner and intermediate semesters (i.e. Kabbalah Revealed 1 and 2, Kabbalah in Action, and The Kabbalah Experience).

How Much Does it Cost?

The entry level membership fee is $39 a month and includes all the services of the Graduate Environment. (When paid annually a $120 discount is applied)

Students who wish to further support the maintenance and development of the platform as well as the expanding dissemination of the wisdom worldwide are welcome to join two additional programs.

All the revenues go to sustain and enhance the current platform and the spreading of Kabbalah to the world.

What Do My Membership Dues Pay For?

The Graduate Environment consists of over 20 staff members including content creators, designers, video editors, technical staff, and teachers. Contributions pay for our maintenance and operational expenses, salaries, and the development of new content.

Will I Still Have Access to All My Courses on KabU?

Sure! The Graduate membership is an ADDITION to everything you already have in KabU. You can still continue your courses, attend live sessions, enjoy the forums archives and everything KabU has to offer.

Can I Cancel My Membership?

Absolutely. You can easily cancel anytime either by reaching out to us, or by cancelling directly through your My Membership area.

What If I Am Experiencing Financial Hardship?

Economic conditions vary greatly from country to country, and financial hardship comes in all shapes and sizes. But we believe it shouldn’t stop a person from developing spiritually. KabU offers, at its own discretion, scholarships and grants to students in need. You can fill out this form to send a request for financial aid.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime at [email protected]

Should I Consider Paying More Than the Entry Level Membership Fee?

Some students choose the more advanced membership plans because they feel they are getting so much of the platform and that the contribution this wisdom has made to their lives is worth way more than the membership fees.

Others feel the importance of supporting the effort to spread this light to the entire world. Still others feel that since they were given more financial means, it’s their responsibility to help those who have fewer resources. Ultimately, the decision is entirely personal but it’s important for us to remind you that all the contributions go toward the creation of new lessons and new content, the technical maintenance and upgrade of our systems, the translation of Kabbalistic source material, the modest salaries of the permanent staff and the financial aid plan designed to help students in need. And we wish to thank you very much for your support.