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Hello to you all!

My name is Immaculate AKA (Mackie). I have been a truth seeker since age 10. 15-20 years ago I was given a VHS video about Kabbalah and never watched it, everyone I mentioned it to had told me it was a cult. Then I find out that Madonna was involved in Kabbalah, me not being a fan of Madonna, I  thought, what if they are right? Quite honestly at that time I was not trusting my self and was fearful of my mind being taken over so it never saw the inside of my VHS. Turns out I threw it away just 4-5 years ago after forgetting I ever had it still. Fast forwarding to 2 weeks ago, I was watching a documentary called “Spiritual awakening” since I’m always drawn to this subject, I proceeded to watch it and the 1st of 4 series was 2.5 hours long. A man called Dr. Mitchell Gibson was giving a lecture. I had heard of him a couple years ago and then forgot to look him up. When things keep coming around for me, I start to pay closer attention. He neglectingly mention the book of Zoa, is how I wrote it in my notes and thought, I will google tomorrow. Well what came up was Zohar, when I noticed it was talking of spirituality, I figured this is what he must have been referencing  but he had not written it on the board for me to see the spelling. As I did some reading it talked about Kabbalah and I thought, ok, this too is coming around again and it felt to me that now was the time for me to dive deeper after all the asking I have been doing for years, and many teachings that just never scratched the “itch” so to speak for me and my inner knowing that I have now come to trust, this time around there were no reservations, only gratitude for having been lead. Happy to be on this journey and with all of you!