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    Introduce yourself to your fellow students. Write a few words about yourself and about what you expect from the course.

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      Hello everyone!

      my name is Elya. I’m joining you all from Canada I’m very excited to learn the right knowledge for my journey on this path toward soul recognition and growth!

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      Christianne Wouters

      I am Christianne , a student  in Kabbalh  and hope  to learn more  for better insights

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      Juan Londono

      I’ve been studying Kabbalah for about 15 years now in a very relaxed non formal way.  I am ready to take it move seriously, lately i’ve been very drawn to the wisdom of kabbalah.  I can’t wait to grow closer to the creator and have him change my perception to one more inline with his.


      Thank you

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      umut ozturk


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      Marko Podgorsek

      Hi, I’m Marko from Slovenia. I’m a student of Kabbalah and I’ve gained access to Graduate Environment. But before I go there, I’ll finish all the courses in KabU.

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      Jojo De Leon

      Hi there! I’m from the Philippines. I am glad to hear and learn other things that are unusual. Hope we can deal with things.

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