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      Anayo Nzute

      hello Gainni

      my question is,how does this lights,nefesh,rauch,neshama,yechida translate into our concious reality,where does this calculation of how much i can recieve in order to bestow takes place, if am not in control of my thoughts?

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        Mr. – you don’t have Lights in your reality. Our world is called complete darkness. What we have here is one big short circuit.

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      Adelina Santos

      Hi Gianni

      From the Rav`s blog, in this chapter: How does the surrounding light determine my thoughts?

      Thank you


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        Hi Adelina,

        The future actually determines the present. It seems to us that it is the opposite way around: the past led up to and determined the present state. In fact, because the final state is necessary, the state before it has to happen, and the state before that has to happen, and back and back until it gets to where we are today. My thoughts are those the Upper Force is giving me about how to realize His plan. To everyone He is doing this, and so all the thoughts of everyone are guiding us towards His aim. We think they are our thoughts but they’re implanted in us, and then we realize them.

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      I don’t understand how by me helping my neighbor fix his car I’m going to Bestow. How you translate bestowing in this physical world?

      Give me an example of how can I use my Desire correctly here on Earth.


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        Who told you to help your neighbor fix his car? 🙂

        You can only bestow by changing your intention. For now, even if you will help your neighbor fix his car, you will do it because of some calculation for self-benefit. Even if the only benefit will be that he will see you as a good neighbor, and then you’ll be living in a nicer neighborhood, with more good will among the neighbors. That’s actually considered bestowing in order to receive, using giving in order to get even more. And that’s how it is with all our calculations, whether we identify our egoistic intentions or not. If we identified them – well then we would not be able to live with ourselves, seeing that all we think about 24/7 is about how to exploit everyone and everything around us. Therefore, just do towards your neighbors what you would like to do, according to what calculations you would have made. But don’t do it because you think Kabbalah said to do it.

        Kabbalah only tells us that we need to draw a force from the study of Kabbalah. It can change our intentions and with different intentions we will see a better world, a completely new world.

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      Arian parshan


      I read during partzofim because of surrounding light appear desires below tabur step by step ,that is Sof

      are toch and Sof  simultaneous ? or Sof appears after toch?

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        Hi Arian,

        The desire whole was created and it exists. To be able to receive in it, it needs to be in a different form than it is as it was created by the Creator. It needs to be Restricted completely. Then, it can be divided into parts. There is a part that cannot be received in at all: Sof. There is a part that could be received in, in order to bestow: Guf. And there is the part in which this calculation is made: Rosh.

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      Ik kijk en luister geboeid naar de les   maar blijf het moeilijk vinden  wat ik denk wat ik voel  onder woorden  te brengen. Ik zie deze wereld,  zo mooi, zo vol licht   en  ik geniet van de schepping en ben dankbaar  dat ik daar deel van mag zijn.  Ben  overtuigd dat de Schepper  het beste voor ons regelt, ook  al begrijpen we het niet altijd. Mijn verlangen  om dichter  bij de schepper  te zijn  is heel groot; Ik wil mijn egoistische  wil  om  te ontvangen  veranderen , een beter mens  worden   om  meer te kunnen schenken ,  om  terug te schenken aan de Schepper  van de vreugde en schoonheid  en  het goede  dat we van hem  ontvangen . Het doet pijn om  afgesneden  te zijn,  het gebroken deel,   Tegelijk leer ik  dat er een kans is om terug heel te worden, één geheel.

      Ik vraag me ook  af  of een  overleden persoon   nu  in  dat grote Licht is opgenomen, alles kan zien  horen voelen  en, weten  en  alle verlangens vervuld ziet,  gelukkig is zoals de schepper het toch heeft bedoeld? Worden we  dan een ster aan het firmament   een deeltje licht  dicht bij het  Ultieme  Hoogste Licht?  Met dank  ( ps  mijn mama  is  gisteren overleden  en  ik heb vele vragen)

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        Translation: I also wonder if a deceased person is now absorbed into that great Light, can see, hear, feel, know, and see all desires fulfilled, happy as the creator intended, right? Do we then become a star in the firmament a particle of light close to the Ultimate Upper Light? Thanks (ps my mom passed away yesterday and I have many questions)

        We exist in a perfect reality if the goal of Creation is correction of the soul. It is not the case that there is some better realm to develop in. And that is why there is nowhere else to go but here until a person completes their conscious participation in their correction. The Upper Dimension a person has to enter from here, revealing a bit more and a bit more of the 125 degrees until this world disappears – because then it has fulfilled its purpose, which was to provide a special imaginary reality, but one that allows us to gradually, through free choice, invert our qualities to become like those of the Upper Force.

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      Sol Belo

      Second time around is a little better

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