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      It is just hard for me to grasp the concept of a “last generation”. After 14 billions year we are entering a new era and change will happen in a few hundreds of years? And a couple of humans can be part of it by working with the forces of nature? It’s just hard for me to understand.

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      Rune T. A.

      The lesson gives me a sense of hope, and a feeling of understanding the necessity of what’s happening in the world and within my thoughts and feelings about it.

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      beautiful map to our destination and the inner workings that is required.

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      I think there is an awakening taken place . I’m curious to see how society is going to adapt. I feel like there is gonna be a big event that is going to take place that is going to get everyone’s attention.

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      Seeker of Wisdom

      I could feel the earth take a breather so to speak when the pandemic first happened and felt a sense of calm as if she was reclaiming the many land-Sabbaths she had been denied. Then many persons decided to believe the illusions around them and project the ego outside (looking for someone else to come save them instead of doing inner-work or blaming others constantly) as usual, but I feel also the crisis awakened millions of points in the heart, it seemed to me that many people were now searching for the true meaning of life. I do not want to go back to the previous mundane existence (boring/predictable ego driven sub-reality). It did surprise me how many people just went back to sleep or just wanted to get back to the same bad lifestyles as before. I was already at that time and before in the process of limiting desires and could feel those desires fade away (the fake world did not interest me any longer) but my mistake was being isolated and not connected. Imagine what would have happened if the intention(s) of people would have been focused just a little more in the right direction. Thank-You Tony for your insight. Your courses always make me contemplate things on a deeper level.

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      I’ve learned that the world is going through great changes, and there are good people of many nations working together to expose the evil agenda of those who have been ruling our world, and that our supposedly world leaders have been working under the thumbs of even more evil and very wealthy and inhumane entities who wield an incomprehensible amount of power. All this corruption and inhumane crimes will be revealed in the coming months. This has been planned for by good people in our Militaries for at least fifty years, and soon we may find that we have been under military law, while evidence has been gathered against all who willingly work for the evil, corrupt Cabal posing as our government. Once the evil ones have been brought to justice, new elections will be held worldwide, honest elections so that new government systems with safeguards installed to prevent this from ever happening again. There is also a spiritual upgrade in store for humanity on earth, once we’ve cleaned up this situation, and exposed it to the public, which may be triggered by a solar flash, that will propel earth and her inhabitants into a higher state of consciousness, with upgrades to our physical avatar and our existence on this planet.

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