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About Kabbalah

Kabbalah isn’t about believing in something or in someone, it’s about experiencing and attaining the answers yourself. It is the science of sciences, so yes it can, but you need to find that out for yourself. So is Kabbalah for you? You need to answer that.

No. Kabbalah is an ancient wisdom dating back 5777 years. It has been passed down from generation to generation, from Kabbalist to Kabbalist, waiting for humanity to evolve to a state where it seemingly has everything but it still feels empty. While Kabbalah was in concealment it was clouded with misconceptions, falsifications, and distortions. It is the wisdom of nature and is open to all that seek understanding, meaning, and fulfillment.

Kabbalah predates all religions. It is the method to gain access to the “control room of reality,” or as Kabbalists call it, “the world of causes.” Religion deals only with matters of this world, or as Kabbalists call it, “the world of consequences.” So, no, Kabbalah is in no way like religion.

Some call it “spirituality,” others, “the forces of nature,” however, everyone is talking about something that is beyond what we can perceive directly with our five senses. Kabbalah teaches that you don’t actually need to understand what spirituality is. The only thing you need is a desire to unlock the positive forces that exist in nature and that are concealed from our current senses.

No. Although these and other amulets might provide some psychological support, according to the authentic wisdom of Kabbalah, that is all they do. To make any kind of positive change in your life you need to access the positive forces that exist in nature.

Yes. And Christians. And Muslims. And for any person of any faith or religion. Kabbalah predates all religions and dating back 5777 years. So who is Kabbalah for? Anyone who desires to know the meaning of life, to better understand reality and everything around them.

Any system that you might learn about, whether superstition or religion, will forever remain at the level of our world, confined by its limitations. These systems have nothing to do with spirituality, but merely with psychological processes that occur around our bodies. In order to reach spirituality, we must acquire a screen and break the barrier between the two worlds.


About KabU:

To share the authentic wisdom of Kabbalah and the science of connection in the English language, to anyone who has an interest, beyond any differences of race, culture, creed or gender.

KabU was founded by the Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education & Research Institute (, a global organization headed by Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

All KabU instructors are highly advanced students of Dr. Michael Laitman with years of experience developing study programs, compiling textbooks, and producing educational content for a wide range of mediums.

  • How to access and decipher the authentic sources of Kabbalah.
  • The structure and natural laws that govern the human network, and how to expand our perception to discover them.
  • The nature of the human ego and how to leverage it for one’s spiritual development.
  • How to apply the science of connection in various aspects of life.

Unlimited access to all our courses, video content, forums, and live events, where you can connect with our instructors as well as a vibrant community of fellow students.


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