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      Hi everyone, I’m quite new here but I keep hearing about Adam Kadmon and Adam Harishon and I think I’m confused as to what those terms represent and the difference among them. Can you please help me get clarity? Thank you so much.

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      I am a big meditation person. I hear that meditation is not really a part of Kabbalah. But is there any kinds of meditation or even prayer that I can do at all with Kab?

      I like a lot of the ideas of Buddhism. I find certain themes running through both Kab, Buddhism and other esoteric ideologies. Like altruism, the idea of suffering etc. Anyway, I am trying to be more loving and kind and am more conscious of my desires and where they’re stemming from. And I’m trying to connect with my intention and become synchronized with my predestined plan.

      Lately, I’ve been feeling more empty than usual. Like I need to be constantly filling a desire that quickly fades away. More than usual. I try to then sit with this emptiness and truly feel it instead of filling it with a desire. I wonder if that could be a part of my Kab journey. Like the beginning stage. Even though I’ve just joined Kabu. But I’ve been reading an awful lot.

      Anyways, sorry for ranting. I really didn’t know exactly what or how to say or express what I’ve been feeling. Oh yeah, the whole idea of “being social” as being the one desire that doesn’t like fade away or whatever. Like connection. I find that ironic since I have a severe social phobia. Maybe it’s a sign that this point in my heart will lead me to face this fear. I don’t know.

      Again, sorry for the rant. But if there’s any ideas or anything anyone can do to send me some clarity, that be great. Ultimately, I’d love to find some peace of mind too. Thank you. Rue

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        Hi Rue,

        Can I ask, what is it about meditation that you’re hoping would be beneficial to you on your path studying the wisdom of Kabbalah?

        I ask because typically when we have students that come from this background, there’s still some tendency to hold onto methods they’re used to, habits even…expectations etc., and although as beginners on the path there are many things to learn and understand and there is plenty of time for that–but we will always recommend “choosing” one method and sticking with it. Meaning, if you want to study Kabbalah, then this is what you will need to decide to stick to and not bring in other tendencies but rather adhere to what our teachers teach us and follow their path. If a person is reluctant and wants to walk on both paths, this is where they become confused and are unable to reconcile the discrepancies they feel within them.

        There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Kabbalah or Eastern methods but once someone finds Kabbalah, it’s typically because they felt there was still something missing. If that’s the case, then the best, safest approach to the wisdom is to start with a clean slate.

        Another important aspect is something we refer to a lot which is just “redefining” what meditation is for you and when you can do this within the framework of Kabbalah, meaning you leave the “instructions” you previously had for how to meditate, and instead adopt meditation as internal efforts you make which are aimed in alignment with how Kabbalists tell us how to conduct inner work. Meditation, then, takes on a new form for you and in fact a very critically important aspect Kabbalists call “prayer” which I’m sure you’ve heard in other contexts or methods previously but also here, you’ll need to redefine the word according to the wisdom of Kabbalah.

        This is all an inner journey and it takes time. You’ll gradually adjust and orient yourself in reality and you’ll see be shown exactly what it is you’re supposed to do and it will feel internally clear to you what it means to “work” or “pray” and the benefits of these internal actions and what results you expect to see.

        Best of luck,


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      Ali Nadalipour

      Hi .some days I feel very emotional and recepreception  is veryvery strong in me if i maybe have a point in the heart it s burning me and by studying kab would be in tears by no (any) reason.but in other days receive none and everything (nothing) looks normal.i wanna know is there a factor outside of me doing such things or something inside caused it? thanks sir

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        Hi Ali,

        This is a good time to try and notice that we are not in control of our thoughts/desires/emotions. Certainly each moment is given to us with a very precise and calculated opportunity from above. We don’t understand why we receive each state this way or the other–but eventually we will want to exit this calculation of feels good/feels bad or bitter/sweet to calculations that someone who craves spirituality (bestowal) over reception which are calculations of truth/falsehood.

        According to our nature, we will always want to feel good, we will always want to control our states or feel that we are in control. Part of spiritual development is this gradual transition to accepting that there is only one governing force in reality. The more we can use each moment to realize it the way we best understand, clinging to the environment and not wanting to leave its influence of the importance of the goal over us–the closer we are to behaving correctly within every given state.

        Best of luck,n


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      mrc s

      Is Satan and his followers have the biggest ego as they are fartherst from G-d?

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        Hey mrc,

        As we’ve discussed before regarding “Satan” — this is just another form of the will to receive takes in a person, the force that reigns and wants only in order to receive.


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      mrc s

      Is the mind the mediator of the spiritual and matter?

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        Hey mrc,

        What’s important always is only the desire. The mind will help you aim the desire, find the right desire, dissect the current desire etc., it’s a tool but in and of itself is not spiritual. Also, this “observing point” we have where we are able to ask “what” am I feeling–the mind can take you there which is a key element in discerning our states.


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      mrc s

      Can Malkuth be better than Keter as a kingdom is included will and other things?

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        Hey mrc,

        There’s not “better” or “worse”, but you could say that since the Creator created the worlds and all of creation in order to benefit the creatures, then this is the most important.


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