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      Muhammad Kashif

      Are there any Kabbalists in UAE, Asia or Pakistan? What are the effects and benefits of learning Kabbalah. Is there any forum for discussion or whatsapp group also to coordinate with members.

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      mrc s

      Can we use mantra or meditate on the goodness and greatness of god..?

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        Interesting question thx! I’m from Asia

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        Kabbalists, over thousands of years, critiqued and formed the method of Kabbalah we have today. What our teacher received from his teacher which each time is more adapted to the generation. What we have, the method of working in a group and the discernments we acquire from that work are what Kabbalists instruct us to do as the best way of engaging in the wisdom in our times.

        There’s a lot a person could see when they look around at other methods and teachings, and could most definitely take all kinds of little customs or traditions and weave them into the study of Kabbalah, but we learn this only lengthens the path of ultimately reaching the point of crying out for the Creator to help us rise above our egos. Therefore, we suggest sticking to what our teachers suggest.


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      mrc s

      Can I choose to bestow now by just believing that it’s the right thing to do?

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        Hey mrc,

        This is like a kid who wants to put on mommy’s or daddy’s clothes, step into their big shoes and play ‘adult’.

        This is part of our learning, our growing. We basically are “playing” with the idea of bestowal until it actually becomes important to us.


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      I think one reason that I don’t always bestowing is because I feel I don’t have. I don’t have the thing to share, or I don’t know the solution for that situation so don’t know what to share. This points me to the main point that I’m confused throughout the courses:
      – if we are now already a shattered vessel after the 4phases of creation, can we still have something to actually bestow?
      – Can we actually still receive anything in order to share? ? Or
      – we bestow in intention (action-wise we keep stay usual) ,and through the intention we gain surrounding Light, yet in fact we actually didn’t receive?

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        Hi Sarah,

        We cannot bestow anything, we as the will to receive as our nature have nothing of “giving” within us. We have nowhere to take it from. However, the nature of the Creator is opposite of ours and we use His qualities above our nature – the will to receive – in what Kabbalists call “intention”, meaning, how do we use the will to receive? Do I use it for my own sake or for the sake of others/the Creator?

        If the intention is the same as the general force of nature then this light, the pleasure, the force of the bestowal, the Creator’s quality flows through us to others since this is the nature of His quality. “Flowing through us” is how we receive, which is why this wisdom translates to “the wisdom of reception” – how to receive.



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      David Mancini

      How are the partzufim in pticha related to the purpose of creation?

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        Hey David,

        The entire thought of creation was to take something utterly remote from the Creator and raise it to His level. To create such conditions to allow this to happen and make these conscious steps as an independent creature, a system needed to be put in place for that to happen. Just as we see in our world how a child develops and grows – these are the natural systems expressed in the growth of a child undergoing many accumulative changes like we see in our world. That program is an example of how nature develops us, but when it comes to developing the speaking level in us, there is another, higher system which takes care of us and nurtures us as we grow. When Kabbalists talk about that system, they give names to each component and describe how they interact with other components, etc.


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      So the saying goes something like this “As above so below”, every action here creates a reaction there. But then we are learning that this world has nothing to do with the spiritual world. I’m trying to understand if for example a reoccurring stomach pain could be linked to something spiritual that needs to be corrected and create something in the spiritual which in return will affect something in the physical? Or is it literally only the perception we need to change?

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        Hey Mary,

        Jus the opposite actually. Anything in the spiritual world has a branch in the world. The upper world is the world of cause. No action in “this world” can influence the root.

        The change in perception is coming to understand what the correct attitude towards this is and where you find your choice in this whole system. We ultimately have a choice somewhere and that point is exactly where we feel the true “I”.



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