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      Ty Palodichuk

      Does the splitting of the Red Sea represent the drawing of the line out of the circle?

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      humehr garivani


      If to someone who does not know me and does not know where the energy comes from

      Will I receive anything? Will it come back to me?

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      Ty Palodichuk

      Hello Teacher, My question is regarding a passage in the article Peace In The World. “If we take for example the attribute of Mercy in it’s abstract form, we find that its government contradicts all other attributes, meaning that by the laws of the rule of Mercy, there is no place for the appearance of other attributes in the world.” Question: What does by the laws of the attribute of Mercy mean? What are laws of attributes? Thank you for your time and support.

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      I know that we shouldn’t interpret Kabbalistic terms literally. It always points to an inner reality. At the same time, however, there is the rule that what is true for the particular is true for the general and vice versa. At the same time, the reality we see is always an expression of inner states.

      So would it be accurate to say that the whole thing of having a person like Jeff Bezos that exploits the efforts of millions of people in his warehouses, factories etc. is the external expression of the internal state of “slavery beneath the Pharaoh”?

      I think Pharaoh means “the epitome of egoism”, does it?

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      This is the second question of a pair of questions. I will not read the answers to the first question, but it is a prerequisite for this question. Here is the link to the first question:

      My second question is as follows:

      By posting a question like the first question and deciding not to read the answers because my desire should be fulfilled inside the others and not inside of me, am I on the right track? Am I helping people or am I hurting them? Am I confused already or am I starting to correct my desires (as much as I can at this moment in time)?

      Also, should I refrain from any more such posts because it is „too much to handle for somebody just starting out on this path“? I seem to have no idea how to conduct myself properly so I will help the people around them instead of hurting them.

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        Hey Niklas,

        You’re going through many of the normal “barrage” of thoughts and desires many of us go through when we first find the path. You are focused on too many details, though. Our egoistic brain cannot grasp what spirituality is, it’s so completely opposite that we can go into these loops and opposite of opposite and backwards of backwards and become very confused. That’s why it’s extremely important to stay focused on the materials on the course, stay with them and just let them work on you, and let the environment work on you. You really don’t need to do anything else. It’s not the brain or the mind that will lead you to spirituality. You’re wanting your heart to change. This is what you should expect and this is what you should want. You’ll be shown where your ego is, how it behaves and how it engulfes your entire existence – especially in all the places you thought it wasn’t. All of your thoughts about spirituality are still within the ego and you won’t be able to escape it no matter how hard you try. The faster you come to this realization, the faster you’ll be able to settle into wanting your heart to change and with that change in heart, your mind will begin to serve those new desires of wanting to be like the Creator.

        Go to your job, do normal things, eat whatever you want – it doesn’t matter. The light will work on you as long as you want it to. It doesn’t discriminate on any lifestyle choices or any character attributes or personalities. All it can do is work to bring a person closer to the Creator and this is done only by being in an environment that washes you and changes you from the inside if you want it to.

        We don’t correct ourselves from 0 to 125 in one go. The process in a process, and it’s drawn out so you can consciously feel what’s happening to you and choose to go through it of your accord. The Creator, no doubt, is doing all of this to you, including you sending these questions and it’s also Him responding to you here. What happened – happened, but it’s on you to make the next step. You’ll feel like it’s you doing it, that’s what you’re supposed to feel – but the change is when you want to be more included in the environment that will ultimately lift you out of your ego.

        Stay on the path, get through all the courses, continue to the grad environment and you’ll already have a much different perspective than you do now.

        Best of luck,


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      I have a question regarding „breaking through to the spiritual world“.

      First, I want to set my intentions straight. Since I am not yet in the Graduate Environment, I can only try to piece together what I have learned so far. My egoistic desire is „desiring to know whether a certain experience would be considered ‘breaking through to the spiritual world’ by Kabbalists“. Now, if I try to invert that desire into its altruistic form, I will post my question, so that others can know the answers to it. Additionally, I will not read the answers because I want to give my fellow students the opportunity to know whether my experience was indeed ‘breaking through to the spiritual world’ and if it was, then to give them the joy of knowing that it only seems scary from the egoistic perspective, but that it is actually really beautiful.

      The Experience:

      I had quit my job and did not know how to pay my bills, what job the Creator wants me to be in etc. I was really scared about becoming homeless, but I figured that if the Creator wants me to become homeless, then He has a good reason for it. Also, I figured, if He wants me to become homeless, then it can’t hurt to enjoy at least a last good meal in a restaurant.

      So, I went to a nearby restaurant, purchased a good meal and sat down to enjoy it in the garden outside of the restaurant.

      On the opposite side of the street, I saw a beautiful girl in front of a church door. She seemed homeless and she seemed to be immersed in an intense prayer. It felt like she prayed to Mother Mary or some comparable female saint.

      I could see that she had created a strong energy field around her because all the people that were passing were suddenly thrown out of their monotony, looked at her irritated and then crossed to the other side of the street.

      From experience I knew that such a strong energy field can only be created, if the person has been praying without ceasing and with utmost intensity from the bottom of their heart for quite a while.

      Suddenly I felt that the energy of her prayers shifted towards me. Suddenly her prayers seemed to pull me. I then thought that I cannot ignore even a single person that prays so intensely and truly from the bottom of their heart.

      I looked in my wallet and found 10 Euros. „At least I can give her the 10 Euros“, I thought.

      I then grew restless and worried that she would „give up at this crucial moment“. So, I aborted my meal, paid in a hurry and went straight to her.

      On the way to her I grew incredibly scared. „It’s just a human connection“, I thought to myself, „no need to protect myself from human connections. After all, haven’t I been praying for this all the time?“

      When I approached her, I did not know what to say, so I just stood a meter in front of her until she noticed my presence and opened her eyes. In this moment the sun came out and shone onto my back and onto her face.

      I handed her the 10 Euros, her eyes grew wide and she stumbled with a foreign accent: „Thank you“.

      In this moment I saw God. Later I became convinced that I saw God through her that day and that she must have also seen God through me that day.

      I recoiled in horror and basically ran away. Then I prayed in my thoughts: „I had to give the 10 Euros to her. How could I not, if you have given me so much in my life?“ and I started crying.

      I reflected on this experience for a couple of days. Why did I suddenly see God? What happened?

      Eventually, I came to the conclusion that the act of giving my 10 Euros to her came from a pure giving intention. Yes, I contemplated whether I would go up to her because I was so scared, but the intention behind the act itself was still pure.

      Then, I felt that it is impossible to arrive at that state again by my own efforts. After all, I would just be doing it, so that I can experience this beautiful thing again. How could I not want that?

      Anyway, if this experience was indeed pure and considered „breaking through to the spiritual world“ (even if just for a few seconds) by Kabbalists, please tell my fellow students, so they can get a clearer picture of what it means to „feel yourself outside yourself“.

      For me at least, posting this question feels like I can finally leave this „petty little contracted thing called ego“ inside of me behind. I do not have to worry about it so much anymore. Much less do I have to worry about trying to somehow satisfy or fill it. It is a pointless task. Let’s just leave it behind (said the ego.)

      However, I do need to know whether I am on the right path here and doing something good for my fellow students or whether I am trying to „feed steak to a baby because I like steak so much“ and therefore actually hurting them. Therefore, I will post a second question asking whether I should continue like this or whether I am already getting confused and straying from the path. Reading the answers to that second question will be feeding my ego, but I still have to do it. God forbid that I hurt other people by trying to help them.

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        Hi Niklas,

        There’s a lot to try and respond to here, but first of all it’s important to have a job and sustain the needs of your body and take role in society where you are part of the system of give and take. You need to be able to have your necessities that the animal body requires – food/shelter etc. Without the necessities a person can’t engage in spiritual work as the body will demand attention for that instead of being able to adjust your attention towards what’s outside of your body – others.

        You mention you were giving money and helping others. This is great if this is your nature and you have this inclination, but in no way is this something spiritual. Spritiuality is above matter, it’s in the realm of intentions. What we do with our arms and legs in this world has no effect in spirituality. What we do in this physical world will certainly bring us different discernments about what spirituality is, which is helpful for people who haven’t yet discovered the wisdom of Kabbalah, but if you have found the path (meaning if the Creator brought you here) it’s a sign you can already begin engaging in the truth of the matter. You mature in the right environment of like-minded individuals who also want to attain the goal of becoming like the Creator and rising above the ego where there’s no need to continue experiments about where spirituality might be in other places.

        It’s a difficult thing to remember and hard for many to agree to. The ego enjoys giving to others because it gets something out of it in return. If the pleasure is felt in the ego, it’s the opposite of spirituality. Hurting others or causing others harm is really just harming ourselves in return, we just don’t see it immediately (otherwise no one would do it). If you want to go a step further, you can say that we’re all harming each other by staying in our ego since ultimately even if I’m not doing anything wrong directly to others, I’m still existing in manner that takes from them without giving. This is in relation to the system of nature as a whole. That’s why the next step in human evolution is for all of humanity to take this direction of working for the sake of the whole since this is how all of nature exists besides this most developed and egoistic component called modern humanity.

        Be well,


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      humehr garivani


      i road in a kabbalah book that we must bestow our energy to other always

      when i do it i be sick and tired a little

      it’s because i do it more that my capacity or it’s fault at all?

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        Hi Humehr,

        That’s a great observation. We are incapable of thinking of others, this is our nature and no one’s fault. It’s exactly how we were created. We have no force of bestowal within us, this is the thing we need to want and ask for.

        When you try, however, and see you’re incapable, this is exactly the deficiency you need to turn and ask from the Creator for the strength, but without trying and making those efforts each time, you won’t come to that realization and you will not be in need of the Creator. He’s waiting for us only to ask.



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      Ty Palodichuk

      Hello teacher! My question is.. is it normal to fear final correction? And how does one overcome this fear? Thank you for your time.

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        Hey Ty,

        I responded but I don’t see that it appeared here, I’ll try again….

        It’s normal to feel fear towards anything from within the ego since fear for the ego is the sense that it will lose something, that it will need to sacrifice something since of course, the ego gains nothing in spirituality.

        Spiritual fear will be felt as something completely different – a fear that you will not be able to bestow and do good to the Creator as He does to us.



      • #191080

        Hi Ty,

        Any fear we feel at this stage is only in favor of the will to receive. Meaning the calculation is it will lose out on something, need to sacrifice something that’s dear to it. Spiritual “fear” can only be that I’m unable to bestow to the Creator like He bestows and does good to me. Therefore, however we imagine the final correction within our ego at the time being is really only fear from within the ego which is certainly justified since the ego gains nothing in spirituality.



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      humehr garivani


      how can i use tree of life?

      • #189898

        Hi Humehr,

        The tree of life, meaning the diagram if that’s what you’re referring to, is just a diagram showing us the order and the concatenation of these different forces – building blocks – of the soul.

        If you want to “use” them, then you need to build these qualities within you by making yourself more and more similar to the upper force, the quality of bestowal. If you can build these qualities within yourself, then you’re building your spiritual vessel with which you can bestow to the Creator like He bestows to the creature. This is equivalence of form.



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      Zealot Mines

      From the further reading: Week 3: Attaining the worlds (page 98-118) At the end of the chapter: “Perceiving ourselves as beings that were created means perceiving ourselves as being separate from the Creator. Since our egoistic nature causes us to instinctively withdraw from anything that causes us suffering, the Creator uses this to lead us to the good. He removes pleasure from the material world that surrounds us and awards us pleasure only through altruistic acts. This is the path of suffering.” I am confused… is this not the path of light??

      • #189897

        Hi Zealot,

        The meaning here is that if it’s done on the side of the Creator to push us and advance us on the path, it’s done by removing pleasures i.e. suffering, and the only pleasure, at the end, would be in the form of altruistic thoughts.

        The contrary would be if we would want this goal from the beginning and ask for it without needing the suffering to push us from behind.



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