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    Can’t find something? Looking for the “spirituality now” button? Well, that’s in your heart 🙂

    Seriously though, any tech question  – ask here!

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      Hello dear support team❣️

      Trying to watch the June 30st YG lesson with Anne Pier and Juan, but when I click on the “Watch the last lesson”, the WPOL recording comes up. Can someone please check it and give me the guidance how to watch the YG Lesson I missed and am looking for to watch?

      Thank you for always great and light filled support🙏


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      I’ve completed the first course, which is what I was asked to do before I join a group for study. How may I proceed?

      Thank you


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      Sol Belo

      Sorry Tech Support.  My Ten is M11.  I lost my telegram group for M11 and the Advanced group also

      Peter Omoregie M11 and Advanced Group

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        Hi Pete,


        I replied to the email you sent. Let me know if you haven’t received it.





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      Sol Belo

      Please send me the set up instructions to get my M15 telegram group.  I lost it when my computer crashed today.  I am supposed to be Gabatz this week and I need to get into my telegram account now.

      thanks again

      Peter Omoregie M15


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      Hi. Ive just got started on the course on The Zohar and seen a video of Dr. Laitman saying that in order to use the book properly and for it to do its work on us spiritually, we need to read it in Hebrew. I have heard something along these lines before about that language rather than English (which is unfortunately the only language I know). Does this then mean that unless I learn Hebrew as well, my spiritual develpoment will be hindered on this path?

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        Hi Anthony,

        Here is a reply from our instructor Markos:

        Hebrew is a language that emerged from people’s attainment of the spiritual world. It describes spiritual forces and discernments that anyone who is on the spiritual path can identify more and more of as they progress.In order to progress on the spiritual path, one can do so in any language. However, there are several words that describe spiritual structures and processes that are inscribed in Hebrew, similar to how Italian is a language for music. For instance, words such as “Sefirot” and “Partzuf.” It is worthwhile that when we approach such words, we seek to define them according to their spiritual meanings. Accordingly, a person approaching spirituality who is a non-Hebrew speaker actually has an advantage, because they can approach such words learning their spiritual meanings from the very beginning, and they do not have to unlearn the common daily uses of such words that exist in today’s modern Hebrew (for example, the word “Partzuf” is commonly used in day-to-day Hebrew for the word “face,” but in its spiritual meaning, it describes a spiritual entity).

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      Hello Team,

      How do I find other classes other than the kabbalah 1 to 4 showing at the top? There doesn’t seem to be a search and I’m interested in the “crack the hebrew code one”.  is that included in the membership?

      Also, where is it I can connect with other students or teachers? Is there a discord server or whatsapp or KabU apps I should download?


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 26 total)
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