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    Can’t find something? Looking for the “spirituality now” button? Well, that’s in your heart 🙂

    Seriously though, any tech question  – ask here!

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      Hi Gil – is there a way to search the forum for questions, terms, phrases? This way before I ask a question, I can search the forum to see if someone has already asked it? Thanks – Jason

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        Hi Jason,

        Thanks for your question. For the moment the forum’s functionality is such that it doesn’t allow one to do a search. We are looking at improving it and hope to be able to upgrade it soon.Please ask any question you wish!

        Best regards, Michelle

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          Michelle, I would think that would be a major priority. By having a search function, you would eliminate many redundant questions from being asked which would save everyone’s time and energy. Thanks!

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          You’re absolutely right. Let’s hope the forums are upgraded soon 🙂

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        Hello All – please anyone can answer my question? Thank you

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      Hi Gil, when are you gonna upgrade the forums functionality?

      1. Some open in a small window where I can see one comment at a time.

      2. Only 10/page and they load slowly. 10 of 300, I want to read them all, this is only one forum. Please expand to … ALL on 1 page, or at least 100.

      3. I wrote here and there, but I cant look to see if there are any replies – I seek a ‘many-logue’ (dialogue).

      I don’t know if you are a web designer, but what I am asking for are simple tasks for one.

      I appreciate the structure of the lessons, the study materials, and your videos, you rock!

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        Hi Antonina,

        Thanks for letting us know. We are working on a more user friendly version of the forum, hopefully it will be up soon 😀

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      David J

      Which application can I use so the pdf s will download? Android.

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        Hi David,

        Any PDF downloader will do. Your android device should have one integrated, if not you can check in Google Play or your device store to download one

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      mrc s
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        mrc s

        I try to upload an image but seem to have failed: it’s click the image button, upload it and click submit right, thx..

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        mrc s

        Can anybody see the uploaded image..?

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      Hello 🙂 needed to ask for help, I’m having problems getting the video to appear, I get a “ refused to connect” error message. I’ll include an image of the error so that you can have an easy reference. Thanks hope I can get some help soon.

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        Thanks to the person that got the error fixed, thanks a bunch 🙂

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      I’ve completed the courses kabbalah revealed part one and two under a different account two years ago, I don’t have access to that account anymore and I don’t want to retake them again.

      Can you, Please, Mark them as completed for me (I swear I’m not trying to cheat :p).

      Thank you.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 14 total)
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