Ask anything about week 2 lesson and materials and get an answer from a senior Kabbalah instructor.

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    Ask anything about week 2 lesson and materials and get an answer from a senior Kabbalah instructor.

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      If the soul of Adam Harishon broke into 600 000 pieces, how come we have 8 billion of people living in the world today? Are new people/souls being added to the original ones? Or maybe animals’ souls incarnate as people and add to the total souls number?

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      I am quite sure I have achieved some level of attainment, but you could say that I cheated. I won’t say how I did it because it surely was very dangerous and irresponsible. For me, it simply means one simple thing: I am 100% convinced that Kabbalah is 100% correct. I do not currently feel a desire to attain this level again, although I won’t turn it down, but I do feel a desire to correct my intentions regardless because I feel we need to do this really soon. I would like to help my fellow students attain these levels of perception/reality and if nothing else, assure them that that yes, this is real. Thank you for help me get back on the path of climbing the ladder.

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      I have a number of questions that pertain to this week’s readings. Namel:

      I. Kabbalah for Students

      1. Will we need to focus our studies (particularly on the revelations of the Creator to our fathers) of the Torah?

      2. It’s stated that “This [Kabbalah] wisdom is destined to be revealed at the end of days, and even to children.” Considering that the wisdom has been revealed as of 1995, does this mean we are living in the end of days?

      II. Kabbalah Revealed

      1. When it’s stated “eventually, we will even rise along with Beria/Yetzirah/Assiya to Atzilut and Adam Kadmon,” does this mean that we can’t “individually” attain these 2 higher levels, but that we must ALL, as One, attain these together? At the same time?

      2. Is the state called “Equivalence of Form” similar to the concept of quantum entanglement, but on a spiritual level?

      3. If we are but pieces of Adam ha Rishon, does that mean that, with the exponential population growth we’ve been experiencing, that means Adam ha Rishon is still breaking up into even more pieces?

      4. It’s stated that the world is neither good nor bad, it’s just a reflection of the state of our own Kelim, and when we correct our Kelim and make them beautiful, then the world will be beautiful as well. Does this mean that the only way to change the world for the better, and save it, is to change ourselves? Considered there are already enough greenhouse gases in the world (even if we were to all suddenly stop all emissions today) for the earth to hit global warming over >2°C (and therefore potentially causing another Great Dying event), does this mean that, even if we’ve already “launched” this end-of-world “program” (so to speak), we could potentially still undo all this damage and save the Earth if we humans all transform ourselves inwardly? Would we need all humans to do so, or could, say 1/3 of the population be enough? Or is it too late, and this is what was meant with us reaching the “end of days” (referred to in my question I.2)?

      5. It’s stated that Kelim are the building blocks of the soul, and our intentions are our tools. (a) Does this mean that when we’re born, we don’t have a soul, but the potential for one only? (b) Does this mean other animals, who also have desires, have the building blocks, but not the tools to build their souls?

      III. Attaining the Worlds Beyond

      1. Could you give examples of what it means to be truly altruistic like the Creator? For instance, I assume the act of giving with the intent of pleasing someone isn’t necessarily enough? For example, giving a child candy all the time because it pleases them will eventually lead them to getting sick…

      2. Also, there are people who only give in life to others, thereby forgetting themselves completely, which often leads them to get sick (burnout, depression, etc.). Does giving always mean our desires should be placed second?

      3. It’s stated that only while in the depths of their suffering can humans grasp Oneness with the Creator. That pain’s required in order to feel Ultimate Perfection. But then why also allow all other beings (even though they don’t have the tools to grow their souls and therefore feel Ultimate Perfection) to feel terrible pain and distress, too? How can their pain and suffering be for their own good?


      Thank you in advance for your time in answering all of my questions!

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      Do animals have “the point in the heart”?

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        No.  The point in the heart is the desire that comes after the animal degree.
        The point in the heart is the first awakened desire to be “Adam”, a spiritual creature.
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          Thank you for your answer. Does this mean that animals have no perception of the Light and the Light cannot work on them?

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      Out of curiosity, how many students of Kabbalah have been able to achieve full connection with the Creator? Or do most students spend their lives seeking without ever being able to achieve the full quality of the Upper Reality?

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        Hi Alessa,

        I don’t know how many.  We don’t wear badges or anything like that.

        Regarding attainment, this is a qualitative and quantitative matter.  How much effort and the quality of effort.

        A person can sit for 30 years but not be investing all of his heart and powers.
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