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      It’s beautiful motivational words thank you. But maybe we burn ourselves out during bestowing for bestowal?

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        No, if I’m given the quality of the Creator it’s a new nature. Like now I think about myself from morning till night and even in my dreams, thinking what will be with me, how can be safer, better, happier, and the same for those close to me because they affect me? Because it’s my nature it’s not at all tiring, it’s pleasurable.

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      As I need to build a second nature, I have been given the 3 pillars – the Rav, the group, and the texts. I am to begin to always think of 3 things – the Creator, the environment/others, and myself. I begin to form a habit which becomes my second nature. As I enter into the graduate environment, would a correct intention be to put into practice what I have learned so far?

      I trust that all will be revealed in due time.

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      Maria Memoli

      The verb “to reform” already contains a kind of judgement that something is bad, so a change is needed. Does this mean that we are correct in perceiving something as bad, but that the only thing that we need to focus on is how to transform that bad in good and useful.

      Is there any good quality that might need to be reformed, if it creates unbalance in the system, for example?!

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        We have no qualities that are already good; yet all our qualities can be use “in order to bestow”. That’s their only correction.

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      Maria Memoli

      HOW can we avoid to reject the bad instead of embracing it, since there’s a bigger picture still concealed in it? How do we know that there is a major contribution to our development?

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        Only by going “above reason”, using a higher reason than ours, that of the Kabbalists. Then I actually attain the state from which they got their reason.

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      Maria Memoli

      In the Group: how do we understand if we are acting in alignment with what the Light wants from us? We said that the Light will always push us towards connection, but in the spiritual work within the Group, how the Friends can acknowledge that a correction is required?!

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        You’ll see if you really try to connect, the places where something is missing in your connection. Then you’ll know what to ask the Creator for.

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      Hello Julian.
      the question I was trying to ask is about the converter, the simple bodily actions on the group that can act on our soul. Can you point me to some examples of these simple bodily actions? Thank you.

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        Hi Henry,

        The body is the desire, whereas the mouth without the desire connected to it is of no use. In other words, you need to do actions towards the friends in the group, and it doesn’t matter too much which actions, but actions that are aimed at connection of the broken Kli (vessel). If I’m doing something to cause this connection, aiming that the Upper Light will work on this action, then it doesn’t matter if the action is artificial. Meaning I know that my actions are not really with an intention to bestow, but I would like, by them, to activate the Light so that it will make my intention in order to bestow. There are no specific actions in our imaginary world that are important in and of themselves unless they directly bring another closer to the study, the spiritual goal.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 13 total)
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