Reflect: Share something from the lesson that blew your mind, or even just gave you a new perspective.

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      Ann Stephens

      The Kabbalists have broken this process down into tiny little steps to follow. Now if I can just find the first rung…

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      It is within Bina where the creature is building the screen, right? And in Zeir Anpin it transforms and bestow. I can recognize this quality in many situations and even phases of the past. But still can’t understand, if it is totally will to receive, how can it be!? A short while before I found Kabbalah I began to realize, that I have been giving in order to receive in the past, and that there are forces which abuse even spiritually, the forgiveness for example, but the pure connection too, the openess. Wow. And the concept of GE/AHP is clarifying my sight on top. This ‘new’ connection between GE and AHP takes place within me and ‘my’ desires as well as between human beings. Somehow at all times. Sorry when I sometimes get to personal detailed, I try to figure out where I am (at) in my life, I am at a very turning point, and I must choose wisly, so I need to get clear where I am and how. Thank you for your assistance and this great first week. The retreat has definetly turned something within me!

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      I found this excerpt from “The science of Kabbalah ” mind-blowing:

      “Thus, through its need to give to the Creator, the creature discovers the nature of the Creator. The creature finds theCreator’s love for it. Yet, if the Creator loves the creature and wants to please it, it follows that the Creator should want or need something. The creature realizes that the Creator’s need is His desire to delight the creature; when the creature enjoys, so does the Creator. But when the creature does not enjoy, neither does the creator.”

      The creator loves its creatures no matter what?

      The creature prevents the creator from enjoying when the creature isn’t enjoying?

      I need to ponder this… Simply enjoy each moment here & now. Happiness dedicated to the creator, is a spiritual experience. Therefore I must start to dedicate every action, thought, feeling, as often as possible, to the creator.

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      Listening to a speech by Rav Leitman recently, I was happy to hear his opinion about how realizing the damages of our own ego is a big step forward. It hurts others therefore it hurts me. My ego may think it’s not beneficial to me, however through all this agony it has made me realize that I want to ascend spiritually and get rid of it, which ends up being beneficial.  But how tricky it still is! It sneaks up on me sometimes when I try to be nice to someone (but asked the person if she told someone else), or speak about my spiritual experience, for examples.

      So glad I found the wisdom of Kabbalah which helps me focus my efforts, and better understand the deeper workings of it all.

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      David P

      I have never thought of the story of Babylon in that way.  I just watched a QA session with Tony K and he was asked how he started his Journey into Kabbalah.  He said, amongst other things, that the biblical stories did not make sense.  This story in the context of Kabbalah makes so much more sense to me.

      It is like religion is taking all these stories out of context and trying to make it make sense without the real narrative.  When I look at the Bible through the lens of Kabbalah, it’s like the entire story snaps into focus, all at once.  It all makes beautiful sense.


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      Lora Vatalaro

      I feel like for the first time I understand that the movement to a higher degree is a gradual thing.  It’s a change of state.  So, there’s no way to say “We’re getting close.”  I’m (and humanity) is either not “there” or is “there” (in the next higher degree).  I can stop looking for positive signs now.  I’m not going to see humanity or myself gradually getting better.  In fact, I understand that things being so bad is the best harbinger of the jump.  It creates a sense of peace about the world being SO MESSED UP.

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