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      mrc s

      We should judge others favorably but what about ourselves should we go above reason or honest sometimes critic ourselves? Thx

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      mrc s

      Which is more stronger esau or jacob, the will to receive or the will to bestow?

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      mrc s

      What is being humble have to do with not showing love to others?

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        This is a big topic but it’s a quality of the Creator here that we want to be similar to. It’s not the same humble you’re thinking of now.


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      mrc s

      Is it to the friends only to show love or to family and loved ones?

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        Also depends on the environment here, which setting you are in.

        If you are with the friends you study Kabblah with, you should always only show love.

        Family and friends…I’m not sure? Seems like that would be the same answer, but the love there would just mean to make everyone feel good in their ego, where if you are with friends who want to reveal that it’s the Creator’s love we use to bind us together and discovering that reveals that we are all one and there cannot be any other attitude towards one another, a binding force of love that flows between us.

        Those are two different connections.

        Eventually this will be the entire world united under this blanket of love.



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      mrc s

      Is it only to the friends we show seriousness or family and boss..?

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        I’m not sure about the “serious” topic here. Can you show me what you’re referring to when you talk about seriousness?


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      mrc s

      Why we should appear not serious? Is it not convincing that if we appear serious then people think that we are godly cause godly things are the most serious?

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        Hey mrc,

        I hope you don’t confuse serious with unhappy or unjoyful. One one hand a person can have the upmost seriousness to his work with the Creator and the friends, but the joy is with him and the Creator and maybe even showing it outwardly would cause harm at that time. These are all just states that need to be judged according to the mood or the place. I hope I’m answering this as you asked, but a person also shouldn’t show what the Rabash calls, “frivolity”. This means, expressing disrespect or an uninterested attitude towards the work to others in society. This will truly cause harm for everyone.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 370 total)
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