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      Jack Brenon

      I have a question on the previous module of gematria.  What does it mean if someone had attraction into any of the letters and was able to recognize them and learn them easily without seeing them before?  More precisely:  Aleph, L, Shin.  It looks like they are in three different categories: 1, 30, and 300.  Are attraction to certain letters give one a clue to his spiritual root?  if so, what does the combination of  A,L,SH mean?

      I couldn’t ask Gil Shir as the video was a Youtube one and I couldn’t find it.

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        Hi Jack,

        One can be attracted to Hebrew letters as they relate to the spiritual world, and so he can be drawn to them like he’s drawn to the wisdom of Kabbalah. He doesn’t know why but feels there’s something special about them. They all relate to his soul. They relate to different states of the soul. None are more relevant to you than the others. And one has no hope of decoding the Upper World from where we are; not through letters or anything else. We have no contact with it. It affects us but in ways that it is predecided that they will be utterly concealed, providing no clues whatsoever. If it seems I got a clue, it’s imaginary. Only by cleanly attaining the Upper Reality myself, systematically, like all Kabbalists had to, can I reveal what’s in the Upper World.

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      Deborah Majen

      What happens to GE in ZON, do they rise to AVI or mix and become AHP of ZON in Katnut of World of Nikkudim?

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        Hi Deborah,

        They raise a request to AVI. They want to receive the Light in their place. Because they think they will be able to receive the Light in order to bestow. They end up being wrong. That leads to the Shattering. That’s why now we’re in a state where such reception is no longer allowed. Meaning, I would like to receive goodness as I am. I’m not allowed to. I’m allowed to rise to the Upper World, meaning to become like it in quality, and there I can receive the Light. That’s the correction you might be alluding to, that in other states there is not just a request for the Light to come down to me where I am, as I am, but rather the lower has to clothe the Upper – meaning attain Equivalence of Form with the AHP of the Upper.

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      Anayo Nzute

      Hello Gianni

      please my question is,why did the light of hassadim moves down below the tabur in partzuf of SAG why not in AB or MAN,since the partzum expels the light through 4 phases.

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        Because SAG is Bina, and it has the quality of 2 as its main quality; so when the Light is expelled, on the way out it reaches the Reshimo of 2/2 within the general quality of Bina, and only then is it truly the pure quality of Bina, bestowal, which has no desire for itself and can truly be anywhere.

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      Why does the Light always exit in four stages when AK doesn’t always take in four levels of Light? For example, AB only takes in three levels of Light. SAG, only two.

      In other words, if I can only afford to eat at the salad bar on the second floor, that means I’ve only gone up one floor. To leave I’d just have to go down one floor to the first floor where the peanut stand is, and then out the door.

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        There are always 5 phases, or 4 if we don’t count the level of Keter. Even though we don’t always mention them, there are always 5. Sometimes we speak of Rosh, Toc, Sof – like we can say a person consists of mind and heart. Sure, there’s more to him than that. It’s shorthand, to focus on what is important right now.

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      My  brain is overwhelmed

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