How can we live our life (our current incarnation) to the fullest?

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      Only by looking within for a long period of time can we begin to see what the theme of our individual lives have been, or in other words what have been the challenges of our past, what were the tools we used, what was the purpose for the challenge and how are we better off because of the “adversity”.

      Does there seem to be a projection looking back in life to the present moment, and onwards into the future?

      I liken it to a canoe on a river, only that we are blindfolded, and we must feel our way, we have the option to panic and try to paddle upstream, we also have the option to work hard and paddle in the direction we choose out of the current, or we can learn to find the current and feel our way through making slight corrections as needed

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      Patty kitchens

      <p style=”text-align: left;”>We have to live our life to the fullest and that’s how we gain our fullest and carnation respect</p>

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      by giving all we got.

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      1. We should study and practice to “time travel” to our previous lives to learn about our previous weaknesses and strengths so that while appreciating the Creator for all he has made us and given to us and continues giving, we shall shift our consciousness from being just receivers but active givers.

      2. We should learn how to daily connect with the higher forces that govern us from the upper worlds to enable us experience actual reality as opposed to mundane reality will be great advantage for living a better life.

      3. By working assiduously to tame our ego and employ it for living in conformity with the altruistic purposes of the Creator should lead to a peaceful, fruitful and more contented life. This should also speed up the termination of cycles of reincarnation.

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      Ed Mereoară

      <p style=”text-align: left;”>I will learn to live my life in way how our Creator wants me to live my life to the fullest.</p>

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      Bio Dhya

      Higher goals to improve creativity and talents

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