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    Introduce yourself to your fellow students. Write a few words about yourself and about what you expect from the course.

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      Heather H

      Hello, fellow truth seekers!
      – Heather

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      Jonathan McCune

      Hey folks! I’ve been studying esotericism for a while now, and all things seem to ultimately lead back to Kabbalah, so I’m starting my studies into this understanding by taking this course!

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      Julie Fallin

      Hi. My name is Julie. I am very excited to learn all I can about Kabbalah.

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      Bună, sunt Elena . Doresc să învăț cum sa-mi iubesc aproapele ca pe mine insumi ținând cont de faptul că uneori îl pot iubi mult mai puțin iar alteori mai mult decât pe mine.

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      Hi friends. I’m Kinga and studying with KabU for a few months now.

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      Rosa Jones

      Hey, I Am Rosa

      I am acquainted with Kabbalah, I have taken Kabbalah classes, which I found very interesting!  I know there is more.  I am not who I think I Am.  There is a Greatness within me that I didn’t realize was there! This Greatness is becoming who I Really Am!

      My desire is to know Truth!





Viewing 6 posts - 793 through 798 (of 924 total)
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