Oct 9, 2022 – Letter 19 – Baal HaSulam | Virtual Group Advanced



  • Tahkoh October 31, 2022

    anything sexual*

    • Tahkoh October 31, 2022

      I think anyone here looking for anything sexuality shouldn't be, at all. Even at the 2021 retreat it bothered me to see guys trying to talk to women who already had relationships, in hopes of swaying the women to find appeal or interest in them.

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    • Tahkoh October 31, 2022

      whole heartedly**

      • Tahkoh October 31, 2022

        I'm sorry but the part where you say Sex is our strongest desire we have physically Zohar, I contest whole heatedly. After being a survivor of childhood molestation, I can 100% with certainty and accuracy attest that this is untrue. From the age of 7 onward, sex has been a very insignificant aspect of my experiences. I get off more on music than such.

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