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    Introduce yourself to your fellow students. Write a few words about yourself and about what you expect from the course.

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      My name is Bill and I live in Atlanta. I have many friends, both secular and spiritual.   “My cup runneth over” with the many blessings my family and I have received from the Creator of the world.  My wish now is to learn more from Tony and his associates who devised this course, to answer this question:  How do I, as a member of an enabled community, bestow in some modest way upon our world and our posterity the particular gifts of peace, prosperity and limitless life He has enabled me to share? 

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      Jess V

      Hi I am Jessica, from Miami Beach, I am Spirtual and I want to learn more about Kabbala. Sending much love light and peace to you all ♥️🙏

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      I’m Sarah Abraham from India.  I never understood the inner meaning of the Holy Bible even though I spent more time with my people in Bible studies when I was Christian.
      Kabu, which I found recently, gives what I exactly searched life lessons connecting me with creator. I need this.

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      Justin haynes

      student of all things within and beyond this life…looking to evolve and become more than I am, being able pass it onto my children

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      Peaceful Protest

      Here searching for the answer to the question that is stamped on my heart and mind, so I can move onto the next level of existence.

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      Dave Wilkie

      My name is David. I am a Christian who believes in mysticism. Repeatedly in my sleep last night I saw the word Zohar. I had never heard this word before. I am skeptical but curious.

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