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    Introduce yourself to your fellow students. Write a few words about yourself and about what you expect from the course.

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      Reid Gramstad

      Hi. i want to learn more about Kabbalah, and the force of the universe and the real deep love.

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      Hello. I have been led here on my journey for wisdom and am just going with the flow.

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      kenneth kimani

      Hi my name is Kenneth and am Kenyan, for a long time I have felt that there is more to life than what this world offers and teaches, which is why am here, i am also a believer in the God of Abraham,Isaac and Jacob as well as the messiah Yeshua and I hope to build a stronger relationship with God and understand myself, the world around me and the true nature of the Creator.

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      J Nash

      Hi, my name is Jake, I’m from Las Vegas. I’m a Latter Day Saint Christian, and have recently had an experience that some would call a kundalini awakening. This experience occurred after I met someone who I nearly instantaneously developed an otherworldly unconditional love for. I’m 33, and have never felt this type of love for anyone, including family. This encounter, surrounded by synchronicities, and unexplainable phenomena pushed me to question what was going on in my reality. Some circles would label this connection as a twin flame connection. After several dreams/visions and a series of enlightenments I envisioned a picture of a fountain surrounded by wheat. While looking for answers I came across a video that referenced the fountain of wisdom which pathed a path to the 6 hour course on the basics of Kabbalah on YouTube. My current objectives are to better understand how to unconditionally love myself as much as I had for the person that I met and to transcend my current spiritual position in life.

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      TH Christian

      Hello, my name is Theresa. I’ve always been curious about spirituality. As a young child, I wondered how if there was one creator, why did we have so many religions, and so many different Gods? Lately, I’ve been thinking, If we needed to find our way back to God, shouldn’t there be a way to do it that would not depend on anyone’s belief?

      I came across your videos on YouTube, and the material resonated with me. The more I listened, the more excited I got! I’m really happy to be here learning about the Tree of Life. Thank you to everyone involved in putting this course together. I am grateful to be given this opportunity to learn.

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      Yuri Medeiros

      My name is Yuri, I saw some of your videos, and they helped me a lot to resolve conflicts with myself and with others. As I read the Bible and study Kabbalah, I am feeling more and more peace in my life, even when “chaos” occurs.

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