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    Introduce yourself to your fellow students. Write a few words about yourself and about what you expect from the course.

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      Shalom , everyone my name is Chris i have always had a connection with Kabbalah I started with new age Kabbalah was not to fond of it just felt not right fit for me. So I came here to the more Authentic approach to learn. I have Been involved with many spiritual and religious paths non has been more appealing then Kabbalah about 2 years ago I found out I am Jewish through DNA testing it’s always been a big enigma to know what my heritage is  very happy to be here


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      M S

      shalom my name is simon im a fisherman deep sea fisher, was having a heartatack on the fisherboot , almost died take long time till i get to hospital from boot ,after i get hungry for hasem and evrthing whats conected to him,.want learn kabbal to sharpen my spirit.baruch hasem.and take my time for somthing usefull.olso working on my ego and olso thing kabbala its important for live,.

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      Hi I am Steve from the UK. Hoping to understand the Kabbalah and how it can help in my life.

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      Rose de Oliveira

      Hi I’m Rose always interested to learn something about Kabbalah.

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      Hello, I am Salvus. I have taken a similar course before, so this is a refresher. I have studied religions and philosophy, and am a Psychologist working as a Therapist. Time-willing, I will dive deeper into the subject of the Kabbalah. Peace-be-upon-you,

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      Sakhile Phindile

      My name is Sakhile, grew up a christian, interested in what is more to LIFE that what I perceive with my five senses

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