What have you discovered about Kabbalah that was new to you?

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      I’ve been studying (without group) for almost 4 years and I still learn something new almost every time I rewatch/reread old material. There are new layers that pop out when the old layer has sunk in.

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      I discovered a home I never knew existed. Now don’t get me wrong. It only looks like it could be a home from the outside. From the outside I’m seeing something I’ve wanted and looked for but never found.

      I have for a long time wondered why I was made to want to help others but ‘it seemed’ that no one else was made that way.

      It has felt like I was alone in a world where everyone else wanted this that and the other, all centered around themselves.  Yet, when I looked at my life, to have this that and the other was so shallow and useless.

      The story where a friend made a wonderful and great meal with everything their friend liked simply because they wanted the friend to be happy, and the friend who didn’t want to eat it because it was all prepared for them alone, are both me.

      I can see both those realities so well, like it’s my life. But, I’ve not thought anyone else out there could even fathom what that felt like.

      To learn there might be an army (in the best sense) of people out there all wanting to do things for others makes me feel kind of ashamed.  I feel kind of ashamed for thinking a truly kind and good God beyond our ability to understand would only make perhaps a handful of people who thought that way.

      It’s joy and it’s a bit of hesitation. Many things looking to good from the outside have a reason for it.

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        Aleksandar Milic

        Hallo, Roy big greetings! Reading what you wrote i can say that i fully understand you. In a way i had a similar feeling when i came home. Because, from the environment where you live where you share everything where you are all as one, you come back and release that you do not feel comfortable because people are alienated and you are simply not happy even though you are at home. On the other hand you now that you have left people you are connected to and you feel them anywhere you are. And in the end you realize that you are not really at home and you want to be with friends no matter how dangerous it is. And it’s really hard for anyone to understand who wasn’t in the army like you wrote nicely. I can only tell you that the only thing that matters is going further and adjusting so that we are happy.  And not healing and not thinking about what has been but what will be, new desires, new happiness. It all takes time and faith in yourself. And when i read Kabbalah i look at things from a different angle. Life experience and empathy(that i thought always brought me bad) now i understand differently. And when i just think that I’m just starting to get acquainted with amazing things, I’m overwhelmed with happiness because somehow there is no end, everything is infinite.

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      Renate Jacobsohn

      The intention as something that matters

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      Receiving in order to give…


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      That other methods and practices has taken some parts from Kabbalah.

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      The idea that we our egos are useful receivers and most beneficial when our intention is to receive in order to bestow on another.

      The key principle of our interconnectedness.

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