Jun 15, 2023 – What is the difference between the Gate of Tears and the rest of the gates | Graduate Class


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  • Lyndon June 27, 2023

    ‘The Gate of Tears’, the first victory which requires recognition that the ego must be travailed, this lesson hit me hard and I feel very sad that I can’t but lift a finger but for my own benefit and this is where I am stuck. I must subjugate myself willingly in recognition that I am incapable of perceiving the gate of tears in vain hope that I can, one day, pass over the threshold and step squarely on the other side in the full light of faith above reason but only after dedicated effort can this come to pass. For the meantime I must be patient and hold fast to that which has no form nor substance as that which stands presently beyond me – this is my wish and prayer. Thank you Mike & Team.

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